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4 Easy to Remember Moving Tips from IVL

4 Easy to Remember Moving Tips from IVL

4 Easy to Remember Moving Tips from IVL

Moving tips are really helpful in certain situations when you find it hard to pack your things. The International Van Lines blog can give you these shipping tips when preparing for  a move.

If you are planning an international move or just to another state, these tips are really helpful. They can aid you when arranging your household goods  in boxes, preparing them for freight shipping, so on and so forth.

When putting your belongings in the boxes, don’t leave space inside the boxes. This will cause the things inside to move a lot when transported and it might damage the contents. Fill the gaps with used papers or foam that will act as a shock absorber.

It is helpful when you are moving to France or Belgium, that you start packing your things a good number of weeks before they will be picked up for international shipping. This will give you enough time to decide on what to bring along or leave, and what you will need once you arrived.

Make sure that you label each box correctly, especially if they are fragile. Doing so will make the international movers pay extra attention to these packages. This prevents your items from getting shattered into pieces. Before you put them in the box, wrap them up properly with used newspaper or bubble wrap for extra protection.

Lastly, leave things that are not useful. Some people tend to pack all the things they have without prioritizing and segregating them. Bring only those that are important like birth certificates, Visas, and the like. The more you ship, the more expensive it is. No need to hoard old stuff, just get rid of things you don’t need. You can sell your stuff on ebay, craigslist or even just donate it to the Salvation Army. Some organizations will give you a tax deductible credit and even come pick up your old household goods.