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8 Schedules for 8 Weeks before for the move.

8 Schedules for 8 Weeks before for the move.

1St Schedule (8 weeks before the date of move)

  • Get recommendations from friends and family who have recently moved.
  • Research for the good movers and get to know more about your rights and responsibilities as you organize to work with a moving company.
  • Look for extra insurance coverage you may need for your move. Check with the prospective moving companies what insurance is included and verify your homeowners’ policy to see what it covers.
  • Gather all the proper paperwork you need to set up new accounts.
  • If you move is to a new area, research Banks, Doctors, and Schools.

2nd Schedule (7 weeks before the date of move)

  • Get least three licensed moving companies estimates in writing. Try to get an estimator come to your home to do an inventory.
  • Open a binder or folder where you can keep all of your moving estimates and moving-related paperwork.
  • Make a list of businesses you will need for the address change. Don’t forget to list your online accounts too.

3rd Schedule (6 weeks before the date of move)

  • Get the packing process started, get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit or you no longer want.
  • When the closets are done, start to assess items room by room.
  • Donate unwanted goods to charity, sell items online, or have a garage sale to help pay for your move.
  • If you have children, coordinate with the present and future school to transfer school records and make strategy for a smooth transition.
  • Start packing items that aren’t used regularly. Seasonal items, rarely used appliance, and items stored in the loft or basement can be taken first.

4th Schedule (5 weeks before the date of move)

  • Foods from the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry should be used and avoid too much grocery shopping or bulk purchase before the move.
  • Inform your friends and family members about your move. E-mail them with your new contact information.
  • If your mover is not supplying specialty items like dish boxes, wardrobe boxes, and mattress bags purchase them along with moving essential packing material like boxes, tape, labels, and box cutters.
  • Number the boxes, make colour-coding room wise, and an inventory list are essentials.
  • Prepare a packing schedule room-by-room and start packing!

5th Schedule (4 weeks before the date of move)

  • Submit an official change-of-address form to the US Post Office.
  • Check with your list of services and businesses and make the necessary changes of address on all accounts.
  • Apply for Leave or vacation time at your job for the days surrounding your move and arrange a babysitter if required.
  • Double check that the proper insurance is in place to cover your valuables and confirm all paperwork with your chosen mover.

6th Schedule (3 weeks before the date of move)

  • Cancel the present newspaper home delivery and set up a new delivery in your new neighbourhood.
  • Keep valuable paperwork and jewellery special items separate from your moving boxes and make a plan for transporting them by hand or via a tractable shipping service with insurance.
  • Videotape or photograph of high-ticket items and note any existing scratches, dings, or damage to your furniture. Prepare an inventory.

7th Schedule (2 weeks before the date of move)

  • Don’t leave the packing till the last week.
  • Confirm that you’ve changed addresses, have all the proper moving insurance in place, and get ready to make your move.
  • Put a note with your contact information in case the new owners or tenants of your present home have any questions or are in need to forward you a mail regarding with any warranties, vendor recommendations etc.
  • Freezers need to be defrosted and you may need a professional to disconnect gas lines on particular appliances. If you are moving any major appliances, make sure that they’re unplugged, cleaned, and ready to go.
  • Make sure that everyone has packed the required medications in their suitcase.
  • Make sure you have enough cash to tip the movers and pay for any unexpected expenses.

8th Schedule (a week before the date of move)

  • Avoid carrying all flammable items like paint, chemicals, aerosol cans.
  • Back up all computers and have a plan in place for checking e-mail and paying bills online while your computer is in transit.
  • Get each family member to pack a suitcase like they are going on a two-week vacation. Remember all toiletries and comfortable clothes for unpacking.
  • Confirm with your moving company one last time and check that everyone is on the same page. Reconfirm the arrival time on moving-day as well as cell phone numbers and last-minute details.
  • Engage a cleaning company to come in and do a swift clean after the movers leave or schedule a day to come back and make sure that all is clean and in place for the new owners.

Get ready to start a new chapter in your life in your new home and celebrate the memories you’ve made here.

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