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Choosing IVL for your International Shipping and Moving Needs

Choosing IVL for your International Shipping and Moving Needs

International Shipping and Moving Needs

IVL provides movers for international shipping to places like Europe, Germany Puerto Rico, India and even Australia. Our household goods moving company offers top of the line service at a great shipping rate !

If you have plans of moving abroad, have you thought about all the tasks you need to accomplish? First up, you have to process all the necessary papers like Visas, work permits and schools if kids are involved. The most hassling of all tasks is packing your belongings and having these shipped to German,y if you are moving to Germany that is. Packing up your things starts off quite easily if you begin with the lighter and smaller items like clothes, shoes, kitchen wares and the like. The hard part comes when it’s time to have the bigger pieces of furniture, musical instruments, art, antiques, equipment or even vehicles like cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and even helicopters. YES, we ship helicopters!

In a situation like this, you need a moving company who not only can help you with the packing, but the shipping as well. International Van Lines can ship your items not only to another state, but to just about any country in the world. We have very reasonable shipping rates that can be gentle on your budget. IVL makes every single shipment our top priority so that none of your household goods would be damaged or lost during your shipment. You get your items on time with no damage at all.