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Container Shipping Options at International Van Lines

Container Shipping Options at International Van Lines

Container Shipping Options at IVL

For container shipping services, you have to compare the security and the costs of one option from another. At International Van Lines, we have numerous container shipping selections for you to choose from.

If you don’t want to share the shipping container with other people’s shipments, you don’t have to. This is called full container load or FCL. Many clients prefer this method because they feel more comfortable.  It relieves them the stress of worrying that their belongings might get mixed up with the others, and they don’t have to worry about their household goods getting lost. On the other hand, the shipping rates for a full container load are significantly higher than that of the next option, which is the LCL (Less Container Load). Before deciding, make sure that you compare the expenses first.

Another option for you would be the ‘less than container load’ or LCL. This is usually more common during shipments wherein your items are stored with other people’s parcels in one huge container. This is also a cheaper method for you compared to FCL because you are sharing the space. International shipping companies call this consolidation.

However, if you are moving to Puerto Rico, Germany or France, and you want your car shipped, LCL is not an option for you. A vehicle will usually take up nearly a whole 20′ container. For example, if you have a 4-5 bedroom home, you will also need your own container because there will not be space to share.  IVL can ship your vehicle in containers for maximum safety and even provide Roll On/Roll Off service to some destinations.

[highlight1 variation=”green”]IVL offers container shipping for household goods moving and commercial freight shipping options. We can provide Domestic and International Shipping Service via ocean freight or air cargo. Choose from FCL Full Container Loads & LCL Less Container Loads[/highlight1]