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How to Save Money on Shipping Rates

How to Save Money on Shipping Rates

Save Money on Shipping Rates

Local and International Shipping Rates for your things, whether it’s household goods, vehicles or office supplies can be very pricey. That is precisely why International Van Lines has affordable shipping rates and the best value for your hard earned dollars. Below are some tips geared to help you save your precious funds when considering moving overseas or within the USA.

Double check the size and the weight of your shipment. Some movers may give you a wrong estimate. It’s not always intentional, but it’s hard to guess the exact cubic footage of your household goods. However, if it’s way too over, this will only increase the price of your payment. When the international movers get the measurements and weight of your items, make sure you are paying close attention during this time for any obvious errors.

Do your own packing. Shipping and moving companies charge extra if you let them handle all the wrapping and packing of your items. You will have to pay for their time and supplies, including a profit for the company. All you really need are used newspapers or bubble wrap, heavy duty boxes and packing tape. You can save a lot more money by buying these materials yourself and taking the time to pack rather than paying for the packing charges.

Most importantly, compare quotes from one shipping company to another and see who has the best shipping rates. Some companies charge way too much to move a couple pieces of furniture. At International Van Lines, we will give you an honest moving quote.