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Moving Antiques & Collectibles

Moving Antiques & Collectibles

Your collectibles are prized and often irreplaceable.

We all do have antiques and collectibles items at home. Utmost care has to be given so that these irreplaceable items are not damaged while moving.

We at International Van Lines have complied a set of instructions which will help you guard delicate items against damage.

Get your Item Appraised: If you have any item that you consider of extraordinary value then you need to get it appraised by someone who is qualified in this field. It is also a good idea to get more than one appraisal. When you need to transfer your homeowner’s insurance policy, you will need to have this appraisal report. Your insurance agent , bank or attorney can give you references of appraisers in your area. Do get to know much you would be paying for the appraisal before hand. This could be an hourly charge or a flat fee.

Make a Visual: Before you move, take detailed photographs of your antiques. You could also arrange your antiques together and make a video as well. This will help you in case something goes wrong during the move.

Keep us Informed: If you have any antique items in your inventory please let your IVL sales representative know of the same at the time of estimate itself. This will place us in a better situation to bring in the necessary packing materials for extra protection.

Get Extra Protection: International Van Lines offers various protection plans for valuables and antiques. You can discuss the same when you meet your IVL Representative and consider taking additional protection plans if you feel so.

Cleaning & Packing: Some antique items may need cleaning before they are packed. If you are unsure of this then make a visit to your nearby antique store or research online on maintenance instructions. Also do the packing on the moving day in front of your IVL representative so that we can identify items that need special attention during transit.

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