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Moving Cooking Range – Tips

Moving Cooking Range – Tips

We suggest that you clean appliances such as stoves and cooking ranges well ahead of time and let qualified experts deal with overhauling and moving. Since you would be needing to prepare your range before moving, here are some tips that will help you in moving your stove or range.


  • Check owners manual for any parts that may need special attention.
  • Disconnect from the Gas Connection at least a day before the move.
  • Remove excess grease from the outer surfaces.
  • A mild detergent is recommended as it would not damage the outer finishing.
  • Steel protectant cab be used to secure stainless steel stoves.
  • Box all the interior and external parts such as knobs, racks, pans, grates etc together.
  • Always get a qualified gas technician to reconnect at destination.

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