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Moving With Children

Moving With Children

Have kids at home? Is your move this year around the corner?

Here are some tips that will help you move more efficiently with kids and also keep them in the comfort zone during the move.

Keep them the loop: Kids between the age of 2-6 need to be made aware of the upcoming move. Start discussing the move with your kids well in advance. Let them know the reason you are moving and also how the whole move is going to take place. Talk about the positives that are lying ahead at your new home. You can show pictures of interesting places and activities at your new location. This will make the child look forward to the move. Children will start missing their old friends once they reach the new place. Ensure that you give them enough time to spend with old friends. Consider having a small farewell party. They need to know that they will be making new friends very soon and they can keep in touch with old friends through various social media platforms.

Never Ignore: We all know that preparing for a move can be stressful. There would be so many things that might be going on through your mind. Most parents are so pre occupied with the move stress that they tend to make the mistake of ignoring children during these days. Psychologists say that kids are likely to undergo emotional stress during moves and most often these signs are not visible. Hence you need to give special attention to your child during these days. Your child might have so many questions in mind and you need to give time to answer them. This will help get rid of any insecurity your child might develop. Involve your child in move planning as well. Assign tasks such as packing, organizing or cleaning. Make the whole moving process sound exciting and adventurous.

Unsettling as relocation can turn out for adults, the process can be even more unnerving for children. Hence it is every parents responsibility to ensure that their child does not feel like the move is forced on them.

We wish you a safe & secure relocation

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