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Moving With Pets

Moving With Pets

Preparations Before Travel

If you are moving with pets, then make sure that you carry with you rabies and other relevant health certificates along. These certificates are required by airlines and state governments especially if animals are transported by air. To avoid last minute confusion do call up your airlines and ask the the certificates you need to acquire and also the expiry date of these certificates. Generally health certificates need to be provided by a licensed vet and the examination should be done within 10 days of travel time.

Carry your vaccination card along and also consult your vet if any preventive vaccines or treatments are required for your pet’s protection during travel. If you need to administer tranquilizers then either do it with professional help or ensure that you don’t go over the prescribed dosage. It will also be a good idea to carry some regular food along since you wont need to go around looking for pet food at your new place. Items such as water bowl, food bowl, grooming accessories, medication etc should be carried along with you. If food and water is provided in his/her usual bowl upon arrival, it will help in your pet getting accustomed to the new place.

General Regulations

When moving long distance, all state would require a anti rabies vaccine for dogs and cats. Health certificates is mandatory for horses and dogs before entering into a new state. State like Hawaii need cats and dogs to be kept under quarantine for 120 days. If you need any specific information then you could contact the State Department of Animal Husbandry or the State Veterinarian.

Important: International Van Lines does not transport pets as per federal regulations. If you have a pet to move and need assistance then please mention it to our sales department so that we can guide you in the right direction.

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