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Preparing a Refrigerator before Moving

Preparing a Refrigerator before Moving

Planning to move your refrigerator along with you to your new home?

There are certain steps to be followed to ensure that your refrigerator is transit ready.Below are a few tips that will help you move you freezer or refrigerator with ease.


Defrosting, Cleaning & Packing

    • Defrost the freezer at-least a day before the move to prevent the water reservoir from being flooded with condensed water.
    • Empty the refrigerator. Get rid of perishables eatables & beverages.
    • Remove, clean and wipe dry the removable internal parts such as trays and shelves.
    • Wipe and dry the interior walls of the refrigerator with a mild cleaning agent.
    • Leave the doors open until the interior is completely dry without any moisture.
    • Baking Soda can be placed in the refrigerator & freezer compartment to absorb odor.
    • Tape the interior removable parts so that they don’t get off groove during transit.
    • Glass shelves and trays need to be packed separately to prevent breakage.

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