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Requesting for a Change of Address

Requesting for a Change of Address

Even though we are in the era where Email, Social Media and Cell Phone applications have become the major means of communication, it is essential to submit for a change of address at the Post Office.

The simplest thing would be to walk into a post office and submit the change of address or you could do it online at just $1.

Below are the steps to submit for a change of address online.

Visit www.usps.com/moversguide
Read, acknowledge and agree to the Privacy Policy.
Choose Temporary or Permanent change of address
Under 12 months is categorized as Temporary and above 12 months is considered as permanent.
You also have the option to sort out individual mails alone if its just you that’s moving and not the entire household.
Choose the date to start forwarding your mails.
Furnish your existing address and the new address.
Make the payment for $1.

Note: It may take around 10 days for your change of address request to be processed.


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