Moving Tips: 5 Ways to Make Packing Easier

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Moving Tips: 5 Ways to Make Packing Easier

Moving Tips: 5 Ways to Make Packing Easier

Moving can be a complicated activity that takes weeks or even months to prepare. People who take a systematic approach to the packing process often get to the other side with less stress, making it easier to turn a new house into a home. Fortunately, there are many ways to simplify and ensure that people do not end up with severe problems on moving day or the weeks afterward. These five tips help people to organize their efforts in a way that works best for them.

1. Start Early

The biggest mistake that people make when they prepare to move is not to give themselves enough time to pack. Even an uncluttered, smaller home can still take many hours to sort, organize, and load carefully into boxes. As the boxes start to stack up on the floor, smaller spaces can also become more challenging to assemble. People should plan to spend no more than 2-3 hours on packing each day, and start with the infrequently-used items 6-8 weeks before the move. This ensures that they do not become too tired or sore to continue working on it the next day.

2. Organize and Declutter While Packing

Many people choose to organize by the room as they pack. While this is not a bad way to start, it may not be as effective when it comes time to unpack. In many cases, people realize that they have too many items in the bedroom or garage that do not belong there. It makes no sense to pack those things to go to a room where they will need to be relocated upon arrival. Instead, people might prefer to sort by the item. For example, they could pack all their books or decorations in all the rooms, with labels on each box to indicate where they should go in the new home.

A man packing boxes3. Sell or Donate Unwanted Items

Anyone planning a long-distance move needs to seriously consider how much space they need in the moving truck. People who are just moving across town have the option to move a few extra items that did not fit if they want to keep them. The last thing that anyone wants is to get to a new home and suddenly discover that a quarter of the boxes they packed are things that they no longer want. As people sort, they should create piles for belongings that they intend to:

  • sell
  • donate
  • give away

This will minimize the number of items that have to be moved and saves space on the truck for the essential possessions. Selling could also help pay for some of the expenses associated with moving.

last minute moving tips4. Use Mostly Smaller Boxes

There are many ways to save money on moving, but buying larger boxes instead of smaller ones is usually not the best route to take. It seems tempting to load a medium-size box with larger books because only a few would fit in a smaller one. However, weight can become a severe problem for transport. Heavy boxes are not just more likely to break; they can also become too difficult for one person to carry. As a general rule, people will need about 15-20 times as many smaller boxes as they do large boxes. Buying the same brand ensures a standard size that is easier to stack. This is important for people who want to rent a storage unit to hold the boxes as they pack, or for those who need to keep the space organized at home.

5. Label by Sight

In the last few frantic days before the move, many people make the error of loading items into boxes without labels. Unfortunately, this means that they have no idea where those boxes should go once they arrive at the new home. This might not be a big issue for a one-bedroom apartment, but a five-bedroom home creates quite a distance to relocate boxes put in the wrong place. Writing the contents of the box on the top and sides helps people to figure out which box they need as they unpack. Using shiny duct tape on the corners of the boxes, with different colors for each room, makes it easier for people to see at a glance which boxes belong in a particular place. People should set aside a few boxes that hold the essential items that they will need immediately with clear labeling so that they can find them right away.

Moving takes a lot of work. Whether people are downsizing to something smaller, finally moving into the home of their dreams, or simply relocating for work, it is a process that they will go through many times throughout life. With these packing tips, they can save time and make moving day that much easier.


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