Senior Citizen’s Moving Guide

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senior citizen's moving guide


I’m writing this article because my grandfather was a victim of crimes against the elderly.┬áHe entrusted someone to come into his home to help him with his finances and other things. Within a year his life savings was utterly wiped out and he had to rely on others to take care of him. The good news is the criminal was caught, but he didn’t get his money back. The situation was devastating and disrupted our entire family.

The moving industry is full of scams, and some people may look at you as prey. You need to be careful with how you go about choosing a long-distance moving company. I put together this senior citizen’s moving guide to help you navigate through all the garbage on the internet and narrow down the best moving companies you can pick from. Also, check out this article about the top 5 complaints in the moving industry.

senior citizen's moving guide

Don’t waste your money by price shopping movers.


Listen, I’m a fellow shopper, so I get it. We want to find the least expensive option, and chances are you’re on a budget. However, price shopping for the cheapest mover will get you in trouble. It’s the number one mistake seniors make when choosing a company. The first thing you need to do is get it out of your head that you want cheap. Instead look for reliable moving companies that have excellent reviews, ratings and are licensed by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Trust me what you think is a good deal can turn into a nightmare.
Say you’re getting three quotes and one is significantly less expensive than another. Ask yourself “how is that possible.” The short answer is it’s not. Quality moving companies share similar expenses, therefore, their prices will be in line with each other give or take a few hundred dollars. I wrote a whole article on mistakes people make when choosing a mover. You should also familiarize yourself with moving industry laws.

Some basic research will go a long way


Another huge mistake that seniors make is they don’t do research. Salespeople in the moving industry are highly trained to make their service sound amazing. A lot of them are also very likable and appear to be trustworthy. Don’t be a victim! Do some basic research before you sign a contract. The DOT Safer website will grant you access into the history of a company. It will show if the company is a mover or broker, complaint history and whether or not they’re legally operating. it will take you 5-10 minutes but can save you a massive headache.

After you feel comfortable with a few companies, start with a quick Google search. There are dozens of moving review websites that will help you gage on what a company up to. You can read reviews and see how the companies respond to complaints. Don’t look for companies with anything but five stars; they’re non-existent. The moving industry gets thousands of complaints about various things, so the key is to look at years in business, company size, and complaint history. As a consumer, you should also know your rights and responsibilities.


Moving is an expensive luxury and getting discounts where you can is always great. The best moving companies will offer a senior discount for moving. They normally range between 10-15 percent on average. If you’re calling moving companies let them know that you’re a senior on a budget and ask about any discounts. After all hiring, a long-distance mover is not cheap so save where you can.

Simple ways to save money on your move


The bottom line is moving is expensive any way you slice it, but there are ways you can save money. Movers base their cost on weight or cubic feet so the size of your load will play a major role. The first thing you can do is minimize what you’re moving. We’re all guilty of accumulating stuff over the years. If you’re not using it then get rid of it. You can either sell it or have a local charity pick it up for free. Here’s a list of 5 charities that will pick up our stuff for free. The second area where you can save is by packing boxes. You can go to a local Uhual, Home Depot or WalMart and pick up boxes. You can even buy them on our website. Self-packing is a great way to reduce the cost of your long-distance move.

There are also ways of getting free packing supplies. Check with local retailers like Walmart, Best Buy etc. Speak with a manager and ask if they have any extra packing supplies that they’re getting rid of. It’s actually very common for people to pick up free boxes from local stores. You can also put out a social media post and see if anyone has any additional packing supplies from a recent move. At the end of the day reducing the size of your move will be the most effective in terms of saving money.

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