International Moving Checklist

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International Moving Checklist

When you move to another country, it’s not just a matter of finding the best movers. You have an additional layer with immigration and customs that also need attention! But there are ways around these headaches, though- if only we knew what they were!

A strong plan can make all your worries disappear when moving abroad; use our international moving checklist for smooth transition planning in advance, so nothing goes wrong on top of everything else already done beforehand (i hope).

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6 Months Before


    Research and Visit Your New Home

    Visit your future home to see it in person and better understand the country's culture. You should also start researching by reading local guides, blogs, and newspapers online!

    Look for an International Mover

    Start researching international moving companies. You can start by searching online and checking license information on the Federal Maritime Commission Website. Spend this time looking for the best international moving companies.


    3 Months Before


      Book Travel & Hotels

      Now's the time to make flight arrangements and reserve hotels and a car if needed. Start making reservations early so you can search for deals and don't get hit with unnecessary charges.

      Get International Moving Quotes

      When moving from the US abroad, you'll want to get three international moving quotes for comparison. Before requesting moving quotes, ensure each company has the proper licensing and certifications. You'll also want to ensure they're familiar with your final destination.

      Collect Important Documents

      Now is an excellent time to gather all your essential documents. You can begin with birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, school records, medical forms, and social security cards. You will need these when you're moving overseas.

      Review or get a Passport

      You should start renewing an existing passport or getting a new one early. For more information on the process, you can check here. Also, remember to use an international moving checklist to keep track of accomplished tasks.

      Contact the Embassy

      You may need a visa or permit to enter the country, so you should contact an embassy in Washington DC. The process for getting one will vary depending on your citizenship. Still, most countries have facilities where they issue these documents and sometimes allow visitors without hassle if no curfews are scheduled during their stay."

      Apply for a VISA or Permit

      If you want to enter the country, make sure that your visa or work permit is valid. In many cases, it can be a lengthy process, and apply for one as soon as possible, so it doesn't get stuck in immigration limbo! Contact an official at home's nearest embassy/consulate after arriving because they may have more information on requirements than what's posted here.

      Health Insurance

      When moving abroad, you'll need to start looking for available healthcare health plans. If you're moving for work, the employer may assist you. Additionally, you should do your own research and look into different international healthcare plans.


      2 Months Before

        2 MONTHS BEFORE:


        Some countries may require vaccines before entering. You can check a list of countries here. It's essential that you check into this in advance, so you leave yourself enough time to gather medical records. Make sure you print a copy of our international moving checklist.

        Book an International Moving Company

        If you're moving overseas with household goods, you must book your international mover in advance. Giving yourself and your mover, enough time for planning, will help with an easier transition. Make sure all of your questions are answered before committing. You can also familiarize yourself with the cost of moving overseas.

        Reserve a Storage Unit

        When moving to a new country, you may need long or short-term storage. If you're hiring an international moving company, they can help. Otherwise, you should reserve your storage unit in advance.

        Time to start purging

        There's no better time to downsize than when moving overseas. Create a list of items you can live without. You can donate them or sell them online for some extra cash. Many non-profit organizations offer free pickups.

        Contact your Bank

        It's essential to let your banks know that you're moving to a new country. You can also check to see if your bank has an exciting location in your destination country. Online banking has served as a great way to handle international banking.

        Check the Tax Laws

        It's always a good idea to research the tax laws in your new country before moving. You may find that you are subject both at home and abroad, so make sure an expert can help you understand confusing regulations- they're tricky

        Wireless Plans

        Before moving overseas, it's essential to contact your wireless provider to let them know your moving overseas. They may be able to transfer your plan, or you may need to set u a new wireless plan in your new country.

        Start Packing

        If you're self-packing boxes for your international move, you should start now. You can speak with a professional moving company about packing details. You can purchase packing supplies from any local Home Depot or Walmart.

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        1 Month Before

          1 MONTH BEFORE:

          Make sure your mover is booked

          You'll want to contact the international moving company you chose to answer any outstanding questions you may have. You and your mover must be on the same page and understand the shipping process and transit times.

          Get some Travel Guides

          A good travel guide is an invaluable resource for prospective tourists looking to research their destination before they go. These guides will give you all the information you need, including details on what transportation options are available in a particular country and how much it costs per day or week if you travel by car.

          Refill and Gather Prescriptions

          Moving is a stressful enough experience. You don't have to deal with the added stress of insufficient prescription supplies! Make sure you refill your meds before moving so that there are no worries about running out when things start going smoothly again in this new place.

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          Moving Day

            MOVING DAY

            What to expect

            Your international moving company will show up with three to four movers and a truck. The size of your home will determine the length of time your move will take. If you have a larger home, it may take a full day, whereas for a smaller home will be a few hours.

            Keep the kids busy

            You may want to consider bringing your kids to a friend's house or keep them occupied while the move takes place. Moving can be a lot, especially if children are running around.

            Consider buying the mover's lunch

            It's not mandatory, but it's always a kind gesture to offer the movers lunch. You can buy them pizza or subs.

            Tip your movers

            Tipping movers have become common but not imperative. The tip should be based on how pleased you are and how hard they worked. A standard tip would be $50 per mover.

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            After You Move

              AFTER YOU MOVE

              Update friends & family with your new address

              After settling in your new home, you should contact your friends and family with your updated address and contact details.

              Learn about your new community

              Moving abroad is an exciting time! Get into the local culture and make friends with people from all over town while getting comfortable in one location.

              Meet Local & Expats

              The more you speak out in public, the better your chances of making friends. So go ahead and start a conversation with neighbors or coworkers – even people crossing paths throughout town can become valuable resources for future relocation needs!

              Consider language classes

              Learning a new language can be challenging, but it's worth the effort. There are plenty of ways you could go about learning languages, and we recommend signing up for some classes at your local school or library before heading out into this world fully immersed in another culture!

              Contact your home embassy

              Contacting your home embassy is the best way to ensure that you are fully prepared for any emergency. Whether it's an accident or illness, they have all of this information available and can guide what steps need to be taken to ensure everything goes smoothly! Make sure you keep track of your progress using our international moving checklist!

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              International Moving Checklist

              International Moving Cost Calculator

              Moving overseas can be costly. However, you can check out our international moving cost calculator, which helps with planning and budgeting for an overseas move.

              It’s always best to speak with a mover to get an accurate international moving quote. However, this can help with gathering and collecting all costs associated with moving to a new country.

              CALCULATE NOW

              If you’re looking for the best international moving companies, we’ve listed them here. Every company listed has not only been in business for years but has a proven track record for providing quality moving services.

              It’s always best to conduct your research when looking for an international moving company.

              International Moving Checklist

              Benefits of International Moving Checklist

              Our international moving checklist will help you properly plan for your upcoming move. It’s important to give yourself enough time for panning and prepping. If you have any questions on how to plan for your move or need an international moving quote, you can speak with one of our relocation coordinators at any time.