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Moving FAQ’s

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Are you a licensed carrier?

Yes, International Van Lines is a licensed carrier (USDOT: 2293832  MC: 796971)

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we require a deposit to reserve a moving date.

What is your cancellation policy?

All deposits are fully refundable up to 48 business hours before the scheduled pickup date.

How much should I tip the movers?

Tipping is optional, but If you want to leave a tip for your movers, follow the guide below.

  • A half-day move (4 hours or less) – $20 per person
  • A full-day move (8-hour day) – $45 per person
  • 12 hours or more – $50 -$100 per person

What are the payment methods?

We accept credit cards for the deposit. However, the balance is due as a cashier’s check, money order, cash, or business check. We will require 50% of the balance on the pickup date and the remaining balance on delivery.

Can I leave items in dressers?

Light items like clothing and odds & ends are fine to leave in dressers. Dressers can’t be used as a vessel to transport heavier items.

Can I use bags to ship clothing?

We will accept some “moving bags.” However, garbage bags are not recommended because they can easily get punctured and cause damage.

Can I change my moving date?

You can change your moving date with no additional fee.

Can I change my inventory list before the move?

You can change your inventory up to 48 hours prior to your move.

Do you charge additional for flights of stairs or elevators?

There is no charge for internal stairs .

There is no charge for the first flight of external stairs. Each additional flight is a one-time charge of $75 per flight.

There is a one-time fee of $75 for the use of an elevator.

What happens if I have damage?

If you have damage you will need to file an insurance claim. If you choose to opt out of coverage we will settle at limited liability which covers 60 cents per lbs per article.

When will I get my delivery?

Transit time varies based on distance and location, but can take 2 to 21 business days.

What are items I can't ship?

Prohibited items list:

Address Books

Airline Tickets

Aerosol cans

Alcohol/Wine/Beverage of any kind



Car batteries

Car Titles

Cash – This includes change containers/banks/children’s banks

Cell Phones/ Laptops/ I-pads

Check Books / Debit cards/ ID’s

Charcoal/lighter fluid

Charged scuba tanks

Chemistry sets

Cleaning solvents

Darkroom chemicals


Fire extinguishers

Firearms of any kind



Household batteries



Liquid bleach


Nail polish/remover

Paint thinners


Pesticides / Weed killer/ Poisons/ Pool chemicals

Propane tanks (must have gauge showing empty)

Rubbing alcohol

Passports/ Financial Documents

Computer data

Home Videos

Medical Equipment (speak to IVL Rep for details)

Medical/Dental Records Medication

What should I move myself?

  • Address Books
  • Airline Tickets
  • Car Titles
  • Cash
  • Cell Phones
  • Check Books
  • Computer data
  • Family Photos
  • Financial Documents
  • Home Videos
  • Medical/Dental Records
  • Medication
  • Jewelry

Who is responsible for parking permits?

Parking permits are the responsibility of the customer.

What is a shuttle fee?

A shuttle is required at destination points that cannot accept 18-wheel semi-trailers. It is an additional $1 per cubic foot or $400 min. Shuttle service is often required in major cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

What is a long-carry fee?

If the moving truck has to park 75 feet or further from the residence, you will be charged a one-time fee of $75 for each additional 75 feet.

Do you offer storage?

We offer long and short-term storage with the first month free.