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Air Freight Vs Truck Freight – A Comparative Guide

By September 9, 2022September 19th, 20223 Comments
Air freight vs Truck Freight

Are you debating between using air freight vs truck freight for transport?

Did you know that the US truck fleet accounts for 71% of all freight movement? Isn’t it a great amount? Additionally, the US trucking business generates 791.7 billion USD in total income!

Stay put! Do you know how much air freight Dubai receives annually? It weighs over 2.5 million tons! Incredible, isn’t it?

Are you having trouble deciding on the best means of transportation? Making the proper decision opens the door to achievement. Choose the proper supply chain shipping technology. Boost the expansion of your company, therefore.

Here we have done a comparison of air freight vs truck freight in detail in this blog. In addition, let’s compare the results to get more clarity.

Truck Freight System

truck freight

The most efficient trucking freight system in all of America

Along with railroads, local movers with trucks are the primary means of ground transportation. They serve as the supply chain’s workhorses. The chassis is modified to work with the common containers. You may transport your stuff anywhere on the terrain. Trucks go to locations that cannot be reached by air, rail, or ocean freight.

Let’s examine the tools utilized in truckload.

  •       Flatbed: There are no doors, enclosures, or roofs on the trailers. These trailers are appropriate for transporting bulky items such as machinery, supplies, etc. Both top and side loading are supported. It is perfect for large and atypically shaped items.


  •       Dry Van: Goods without any particular temperature requirements are transported in dry vans. It complements a number of industries. Additionally, they are substantial and shield goods from harm and the elements. Dry van trucks convey most consumer items.


  •       Refrigerated: These are made for shipment under temperature control. It’s a sophisticated kind of transportation. Take into account the constraints of shipping in terms of time and distance. Adjust the temperature to suit frozen or chilled goods.


  •       Step Deck: Step deck or drop deck trailers include several deck levels. To load and unload, ramps are provided. It can handle higher weights. Additionally, forklift pickups are supported.


  •       Double Drop Decks: This variation has a longer trailer than standard trailers. “Well” is used to describe it. The “Flip axle” is a feature that effectively balances weight. We use it to send oversized goods.

Benefits Of Trucking:

  •       Door-to-door shipping: Directly loading the items from your factory or warehouse is an option.We sent it to the client’s store, factory, or warehouse.


  •       Budget-friendly: It’s a less expensive kind of transportation. Both the fixed cost and the variable cost are modest. When we take alternative modalities into account, this lowers the cost.


  •       Close quarters: It is perfect for short distances. Truck transport accounts for the largest percentage of the freight.


  •       Connectivity: The goods must be transported to seaports and airports by vehicles. For various modes of transportation, they serve as connectors.


  •       More rapid delivery: It is appropriate for transportation with little cargo. Additionally, it works effectively for the delivery of both products and services.


  •       Flexible: Trucks are adaptable because they can move everywhere. Roads are required. You may also add or remove destinations.

Road Freight Drawbacks Include

  •       Empty running or idle time

There is a chance of idle running if your planning is ineffective. It results in bad time and money management.

  •       Traffic situation

Due to different road circumstances, including construction, traffic congestion, and others, the delivery time may vary. Additionally, the weather is unpredictable.

However, you may overcome these difficulties with effective logistical planning. Trucks are the most popular means of moving goods as a result.

  •       Quantity of Goods

Do you worry about the quantity of the goods? Inhale deeply. For that, you also have choices.

  •       Truckload in full

Choose a full truckload shipping if your cargo can fit on the entire truck. This also aids in maintaining precise pickup and delivery times.

  •       LTL delivery

Cargo that won’t fit within the full trailer is shipped as a less-than-truckload shipment. If both your loading and delivery times are flexible, you can choose LTL shipping. You can also provide references if your deadlines are tight.

Now that you have a thorough understanding of truck freight, let’s look at air freight logistics.


Air Freight

air freight

Air shipping Services

High-value items are suitable air shipping. However, it also applies to shipments with small volumes. Utilize specialized commercial cargo planes to expedite shipping. is also the best for both local and international shipping. The majority of businesses use air freight as a complement to land freight, such as trucks and rail.

Advantages Of Air Freight

  •       Faster – Deliver the items quickly.
  •       Reliable – Air travel has very reliable arrival and departure times. By doing this, efficiently meet your deadlines.
  •       International shipping – It is unrestricted by border restrictions. From one end of the planet to the other, it transports things.
  •       Secure– It is recommended to transport expensive products by air freight. Additionally, it is valid for transporting perishable items.
  •       Safety – The security that is provided during plane travel reduces the likelihood of theft and damage. It guarantees asset protection as a result.

The drawbacks of air freight include: expenses

The cost of air freight is very high. The fixed cost and the variable cost both are high. Despite being the quickest, it is also the most costly option.

Transport Management Systems

Logistics that are powerful and smart might help you grow your company. Without effective freight management, the supply chain is insufficient. Deliver your items at the appropriate time, location, and condition by getting the appropriate asset, “Truck Management System.” Therefore, minimize waste and eliminate delays to increase your earnings.

Both air freight vs truck freight has advantages and disadvantages. They do, however, create a fantastic duo when combined. Work together with various asset owners how to effectively use the resources!

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