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Moving in Alwin – Finding the Best Movers in Alwin TX

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moving in alwin

Moving in Alwin?

Know your city before relocating. Here’s what you need to know if you are moving in Alwin, TX!

About Alwin

moving in alwinAlvin, Texas, is located in Brazoria County, 18 miles south of Pasadena and 24 miles south of Houston. The city’s inhabitants live in the Brazoria metropolitan area. In the mid-nineteenth century, the area that is now known as Alvin was first inhabited.

Bull ranches were developed in the area during this period. Settlements sprung up all over the Santa Fe Railroad as it was being built.

In the year 1893, the town was incorporated. German POWs were placed near this society during WWII.

Alvin is one of Brazoria County’s earliest incorporated towns.

Climate in Alvin

Alvin has a humid subtropical climate. On average, Alvin receives 54 inches of rain each year. The average annual rainfall in the United States is 38 inches. Alvin has an average of 206 sunshine days a year. The total number of sunshine days in the United States is 205. On average, Alvin receives precipitation 107 days per year.

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail that hits the ground is referred to as precipitation. To define precipitation, you will have at least.01 inches on the soil to calculate.

movers in alvin texasAugust is Alvin’s warmest time, with an average elevated temp of 91.1°, making it one of Texas’s coolest cities. There are five pleasant months in Alvin, with elevated temperatures ranging from 70 to 85 degrees. April, October, and May are Alvin’s favorite of the year. The coldest nighttime temperatures in Alvin are in January, with an average of 43.2°. This is colder than the rest of Texas. Alvin has 60.6 days a year with an elevated temperature of over 90°, making it one of Texas’ coolest areas. There are 8.9 nights a year in Alvin where the low temp decreases below zero, which is more than most areas in Texas.

September is the wet season in Alvin With 6.0 inches of rain, while February is the driest with 3.2 inches. Winter is the wettest season, accounting for 30% of annual precipitation, while Summer is the driest, accounting for 20%. Alvin has one of the wettest climates in Texas, with an average rainfall of 54.2 inches. With 10.2 days of rain, September is the wettest month in Alvin, while April is the driest with just 6.8 rainy days. Alvin has 107.2 rainy days a year, making it one of the wettest cities in Texas. Autumn is the rainiest season, with rain falling 27 percent of the time, and Summer is the driest, with just a 21 percent chance of rain.

Education in Alvin

Alvin has 16 schools, 15 of which are public and one is private. The estimated cost of education in Alvin is $8,734 per student while the national average is $12,383. Each teacher has 16 students, each librarian has 537 students, and each counselor has 486 children.

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Economy in Alvin

Alvin has a 4.1 percent unemployment rate. The average in the United States is 3.7 percent. And Alvin’s job market has risen by 3.1 percent. Future employment growth is forecast to be 32.3 percent over the next 10 years, which is less than the US average of 33.5 percent. Alvin residents earn an average of $20,855 a year. The average wage in the United States is $28,555 a year. Alvin residents have a median annual household income of $45,164. The average annual salary in the United States is $53,482.


moving in alvin txAlvin has a population of 25,811 people. The population density is 1,066 people per square mile. Alvin’s median age is 33.5, while the national average is 37.4. The average number of people per household in Alvin is 2.8, while the national average is 2.6.

Lifestyle & Travel in Alwin

alwin texas movingHousing in Alvin

Alvin’s median home value is $178,800. Alvin’s population is made up of 38.4% tenants. Besides, 3.1 percent of Alvin’s apartments and houses are available for rent.

Job opportunities in Alvin

Alvin had a 4.1 percent unemployment rate while the U.S. avg was 3.7 percent.
But Alvin’s job growth has improved and
1.Over the last year, employment growth has risen by 3.1 percent.
2.The median household income in Alvin is $45,164.
3.The average price of a home in Alvin is $178,800.

Travel time

After 2010, the average American ride has become longer with each passing year. In Alvin, the average one-way ride takes 31.8 minutes. It’s more than the average of 26.4 minutes in the United States.

People in Alvin travel to work in the following ways:
81.8 percent drive alone
12.7 percent rideshare
2.8 percent work from home
0.1 percent take public transportation

Movers in Alwin TX

Best Movers in Alwin

International Van Lines offers local moving services throughout Texas. Whether you’re moving to a nearby community in Alvin or Houston, we can help. Unlike long-distance moving, local moving rates are based on the hour. The overall size of your move and the services required will determine the final cost. Additionally, we offer long-term and short-term storage options if needed while you are moving in Alvin.

Local Moving Rates in Alvin TX

Are you moving in Alwin? Getting a moving estimate from us is easy. Give us a call, and we will set up a virtual tour or on-site visit. With offices in TEXAS, it’s easy for us to offer last-minute moving services. All local moves will be fully insured and handled by moving professionals. All of our movers are background checked and drug tested. They also go through extensive training to ensure quality service every time. IVL is your go to mover when you are moving in Alvin. – CLICK HERE TO READ OUR REVIEWS.

Number of Movers Hourly/With Packing Hourly/Without Packing
3 Movers $200 $150
4 Movers $250 $200
5 Movers $275 $225

*** Please note, these are general rates. It’s recommended that you contact a relocation coordinator for a more accurate moving cost ***

Places Of Interest in Alwin

Bayou Wildlife Park

moving company alvin

Visitors ride trams to see more than 500 animals and 60 species, plus a petting zoo & pony rides.

Alvin, Texas is host to the Bayou Wildlife Park. The park provides tourists with the ability to go on their own African safari. About 400 animals from five continents wander over 80 acres of natural habitat, which tourists can see on a tram ride with professional guides and engage with by handling and feeding the animals. The park is open all year except Mondays from August to February, as well as Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Visitors to the park can see alligators in their pools, monkeys on three Monkey Islands, and birds from Africa, India, Asia, Australia, and North and South America.

zoo in alwin texasClint Wolston has created the park and it is his private animal sanctuary. He has a range of animals and birds from all around the world that he lets roam free. Wolston says that working with these animals for over 30 years has taught him a lot about them that he hasn’t studied from many books. The tour brings tourists across the prairie and woods with a guide who teaches all there is to know about the animals and can respond to questions they might have. The park has over 500 birds, including over 50 different species. The park is home to over 40 different animal species, including zebras, emus, giraffes, water buffalo, camels, and rhinos.

Alvin Community College

Alvin Community College is a public community college located in Alvin. Alvin Community College offers courses in Workforce training, academics, technical fields, adult basic education, and personal development.


The Brazoria County Library system includes the Alvin Library. The library was shut in 2010 to make repairs to damage caused by Hurricane Ike, and a fire broke out during the repairs, causing extensive smoke damage. In June 2011, the library reopened.

Hospitals and medical centers in Alvin

1. Alvin Dialysis Center
2. Alvin Medical Center
3. Alvin Convalscent Center
4. Columbia Alvin Medical Hospital
5. House Calls Home Health
6. Tovrea
7. Laurel Court
8. Winchester Lodge Nursing Home
9. Winchester Lodge Healthcare Center

Major Airports in Alvin

William P. Hobby Airport is the closest major airport. Domestic flights are available from Houston, Texas, and the airport is 17 miles from Alvin, Texas. If you are moving in Alwin, The George Bush Intercontinental Airport about 51 miles from Alvin, serving international and domestic flights would be the major airport.

Alvin Historical Museum, Texas

moving in alvinMove back in time at the Alvin Historical Museum and Gift Shop, which was once a post office. Through agriculture, you could see displays that illustrate Alvin’s history and culture. Know how Alvin was one of the first railroads to put cooling systems on trains, enabling farmers to move their produce to other states as well as the White House! Come see the brand wall, which features all of the rancher’s brands in the area. Across the year, the museum hosts a variety of different seasonal traveling displays that you should not miss. Make a reservation for your next museum tour today!

Visit the Alvin Historical Train Depot as well!

Movers in Alwin TX

Explore the 100 plus year-old Alvin Historical Train Depot Centre, which once was the hub for business and agriculture, and served the Santa Fe Rail Line.

Discover the 100-year-old Alvin Historical Train Depot Centre, which was once a trade and agricultural hub and supported the Santa Fe Rail Line. This depot served as Alvin’s base and was instrumental in the company’s development.

The historic Alvin Train Depot, which is now available for rent, is the perfect place for your next event.

If you are moving to Alwin, this is one of those places you shouldn’t miss visiting!

Slover- Rogers Cottage

Movers in Alwin TX

1909 Victorian house with gingerbread details, offering tours of the interior’s antiques & grounds.

The Slover – Rogers Cottage, a renovated Victorian cottage with original furniture pieces, is regarded as a must-visit. The cottage was designed over 8 years with gingerbread, two turrets, large pocket doors, and a bow knot fence, by a Civil War veteran to demonstrate his expertise in Victorian architecture. Guides offer tours of the house and describe the past of the antique furnishings. It is both memories for the elderly and a place of exploration for the young.

Texas Coastal Birding Trail

Movers in Alwin TX

The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail is a state-designated system of trails, bird sanctuaries, and nature preserves along the entire length of Texas

The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, which covers 43 Texas counties and includes the entire Texas Coastal area, is a resounding hit. Alvin is an excellent starting point for exploring the entire route, with a range of food and lodging options. The Trail, which opened in April 2000, has 308 separate wildlife viewing areas. The trail maps provide info about the birds and ecosystems that can be found at each spot. The best times to visit are during migration and winter.

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