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Relocation with a company like IVL

By May 23, 2015December 18th, 2023No Comments
Moving with a Company like IVL

Professional, Secure & Cost Effective Moving Services

If you are planning a corporate relocation move from one place to another, hiring an international moving company would be necessary to help you transfer your furniture and precious household goods. International Van Lines offers only the best, reliable and safe services for your moving and shipping needs. Relocation with a company like IVL can be a great experience.

Corporate relocation, one of the many services we offer, is intended for firms to expand or transfer their offices and employees. You’re probably wondering why an expanding firm would transfer furniture when they can buy new at their new location. Well, this is because of loyalty; if a company purchases from another, and they come to like their products and services, the loyal company would eventually keep coming back to the selling company. And as for the moving companies, well, they basically just need to handle the packing and cargo shipping in containers.

International Moving

Military relocation, another service we offer, requires a very strong sense of security and pride. Serving our country is pretty risky, and requires great sacrifice. At IVL, we understand the needs of special organizations like the Government and Military. In order to keep our promise to our clients, we make sure that their cargo is safe and sound, from all angles, at every second. Nevertheless, IVL is required to carry valid certifications and licensing from the FMC before shipping household goods for military service members.

However, if you are an employee who was reassigned by your company to France, we can help you in moving household goods. Moving to France would take some time, and doing all the loading and unloading alone would be nearly impossible. With IVL, we pick up and deliver your goods safely and smoothly within the least amount of time possible. Thank you for visiting the website and please feel free to contact us with any questions.