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Top 5 states people are moving from in 2024

By May 6, 2019March 7th, 2024No Comments
top 5 states people are moving from in 2019

Check out our top 5 states people are moving from in 2024

There are many reasons why moving trends continuously change. The economic, opportunities and the housing market are all reasons why people leave individual states. In this post, we will provide the top 5 states people are moving from in this year. The information contained in this post is based on 10,000 moves we’ve handled since the first. Some locations will come as a surprise where others may seem more obvious. Also, check out this article on facts about moving in America.

1.Top 5 states people are moving fromCALIFORNIA

As a result of the housing market, California ranks number one on our list. The bottom line, it’s hard to find an affordable place to live. An online survey by Edelman Intelligence, found that 53 percent of California residents are considering leaving due to the sky-high housing market. Out of 10,000 moves performed since the first, 65 percent were from California.

There is no doubt that California is a great place to live and work. However, even large businesses and tech companies are encouraging their employees to work off-site. Many of the moves we’ve performed out of the Golden States are going to AZ, WA, and OR. It comes as no surprise that California is number one on our top 5 states people are moving out this year. Check out this article on the top 5 states millennials are moving to.

2People are moving from New York.NEW YORK

New York ranks two on our top 5 states people are moving this year. Althgouh New York City still seems to be striving; upstate New York has seen a population decrease. According to the US Census Bureau, the Empire State lost 180,306 people and only gained 131,746 new residence. The problem is especially happening upstate where 42 out of 50 counties has seen a population decrease since 2010. The essential climate for economic growth is to blame. Another reason people are leaving New York is the weather. People are searching for a more comfortable environment. You can also check out this article on mistakes people make when choosing a mover.



In defense of The Lone Star State, we perform thousands of moves into Texas. With that said there are no specific reasons we can pinpoint other than new opportunities. Millennials are looking for opportunities where they can excel their carriers and start new businesses. Over the past few years, Texas has been a significant destination for tech startups and large companies. The population has grown significantly which is why they come in at number 3 on our top 5 states people are moving from the list.

Why people are fleeing from NJ4.NEW JERSEY

According to CNBC people are fleeing NJ more than any other state. We’ve also seen a significant increase in moves from New Jersey. New job opportunities and weather are the cause of thousands of people leaving. Vermont, Connecticut, and New York have become some of their principal destinations. Baby boomers are going because they want to retire in better climates. New Jersey makes up for about 25 perfect of the moves we’ve handled since January 1, this year. Also, check out this article on reasons why people are moving out of Chicago.

people are moving from Chicago5. Illinois

Chicago specifically has become one of our top cities people are moving from. The lack of economic investment, brutal winters and crime have caused many people to flee. There is a lack of jobs and poorly structured tax system. Chicago’s’ political leaders don’t seem to deal with the core problem. Many of our customers are fed up and moving to states like AZ, UT, and WA. It comes as no suprise that IL made our list for top 5 states people are moving from.