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How to Create a Moving Inventory List

By May 8, 2019September 15th, 2022No Comments
How to create a moving inventory list

Tips on how to create a moving inventory list

Moving ranks top 5 most stressful things you will endure in a lifetime. Creating a moving inventory list can help eliminate some of that stress. When you get to your new home, you’ll want to know everything arrived. An easy way to keep track of your belongings is by creating a list and checking it upon arrival. Creating a list will also help with getting accurate price quotes for your move.

Before I go on, I would like to mention that International Van Lines teamed up with a software company to develop a virtual inventory list. The software is powered by artificial intelligence and will calculate the volume and weight of everything you’re moving by merely focusing your camera on the object (link below). It will take you anywhere from five to ten minutes and the list is 90 percent accurate. We will be responsible for making adjustments accordingly. Trust me it’s worth using! Check out this article on items movers won’t move.


Virtual Inventory List


Before you start packing, document what you’re moving. You can make a video and take photos. Try and write down any serial numbers or identifying marks. Taking pictures of your valuables is something that everyone should do regardless, should you have to file an insurance claim for loss or theft. Keep the documents on cloud-based storage, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. The less you have, the less you need to keep track of, so this would be an excellent time to purge.


There are a few options for creating an organizational system. You don’t have to follow these ideas exactly; we’re just giving you a foundation to work off. The essential things are that you have some sort of a plan to help you stay as organized as possible.

First, start by creating a chart or list. It can be a detailed spreadsheet or an essential file on a notepad. The important thing is that you have a place to keep track of each box, it’s contents and the room where those boxes came from. Creating an electronic list would be ideal so you can store it online.

As you start packing, number each box along with a detailed description of what’s in the box. Try and be as specific as you can. The benefit of this simple system is if you realize you need something it will make it much easier to locate the box. While you create your list also jot down values. It will help in case of loss or damage.


Assign a specific color for each room or section of your new home. Then use construction paper or any other materials to attach a color to every box, corresponding to the place it will be going. It’s going to make it easier to locate boxes that belong in specific locations. At the new home, use a sticker or colored paper to identify the assigned color of every room. It will help whoever is off-loading know where the boxes go.


You don’t need to unpack everything right away, but at least you can check the box off the list. It will help you know if anything is missing before the movers leave.


Use colored tape to wrap around your most important boxes or ones you will need right away. It will help you locate those boxes right away so you can start unpacking. Any of the packing material mentioned in this article can be purchased from Amazon or directly from our website.