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10 Cost-Effective Ways for Cross Country Moving

By September 27, 2022No Comments
cost effective ways for cross country moving

Moving can be stressful, but travelling across the country is even more difficult and time-consuming. A cross-country move with a reputable moving company can cost between $1,500 and $15,000. Of course, the total price will vary depending on how far and how many items you need to move. There are some tactics you can use to reduce the move’s cost.

Affordable Ways for Cross Country Moving

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Movers loading boxes

Diy Move

The least expensive way to move long distances is by doing it yourself. You’ll save money on labour by handling everything yourself, which frequently drives up the cost of full-service moves. But if you do the work yourself, all you’ll be spending money on is the truck rental and gas. Even though a do-it-yourself move is the least expensive choice, it will cost you time and personal labour. Additionally, it will take longer since you lack the benefit of a crew to perform the work.


Consider A Hybrid Move

Fortunately, if you decide to move, you can choose which steps of the process you want to handle yourself. You will save much money on labour if you drive the moving truck yourself. Most moving expenses are related to the transportation of your belongings because it requires the most time. You can hire help to load and pack the truck to save time. Asking friends and family to assist with packing and loading will also help you get the most for your money.


Rent A Moving Container

These boxes also referred to as moving pods, make moving easier. You can arrange to have one delivered to your home, which you can fill up at your convenience. Once it is full, arrange for a pickup, and the portable moving container company will pick it up and transport it to its destination. Usually, you pay a set amount for each container.


It often comes with additional delivery charges, depending on the business. For a small- or medium-sized household, this is a good option.

Freight Trailer

It was somewhat similar to renting a container. You will be in charge of the packing and unpacking, and a seasoned freight shipping business will ship it across the country for you. Freight trailers come in large sizes, typically a 28-foot trailer, which is a good option for large homes.


You only have a certain amount of days from the freight company to fill it. Pricing is determined by the total amount of space your belongings take up, not by weight. The freight company will sell the extra room in the trailer to another client.



If you don’t have much to move, shipping your belongings across the country is another option. It’s quick, easy, and can help you save much money, especially if you choose the ground service option that the best shipping companies provide.


Additionally, there are shipping companies that will transport big items for a fair price, like car shipping companies and piano movers. Shipping some of your belongings and transporting the remaining half in a moving truck might make sense.


The “Off-Season” Move

Cross Country Moving during the “off-season” can offer you competitive rates and various options. Generally, May to September is the peak moving season. Due to the increased demand, moves will cost more during this time, and you might not have many options for the precise day of the week you want a pickup.


If your moving date is flexible, try to avoid the weekends and move between October and April because weekday moves are less expensive.


Spend Less On Packing Materials

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Save time and money on Professional Moving services

When compared to the overall cost of moving, buying packing supplies may seem insignificant. But adding up all the little ways you can cut costs during your move can significantly increase over time. Get used boxes from grocery stores or recently relocated people.


Getting your moving supplies for little to nothing will free up more cash for the truck rental, shipping costs, or other unforeseen moving-related costs.


Organize And Hold A Garage Sale

Before beginning your packing, decluttering is always a smart move. You will save your time and money by getting rid of extra items. There is no point in moving an item that you haven’t used in years across the country. Instead, hold a garage sale or donate the items. An excellent way to earn extra money for moving supplies or other moving-related costs is to hold a garage sale.


Be Wary Of Discounts

Many moving companies off discounts all year round. Many of these discounts are based on membership, such as AAA or the military. However, there are a lot of other opportunities for which you might be eligible. So it makes sense to inquire and compare your options to find the best one for you. Some businesses might even permit you to combine discounts for greater savings.


Seek Assistance

Getting some extra hands to help with your moving can always be effective. Labour is by far the most expensive part of moving. Request assistance from friends and family. You can load and unload more quickly and effectively by doing this. Enlist the aid of a close friend or member of your family to drive you to your new location across the nation. A long trip can be made more bearable and entertaining with driving assistance.


When To Work With An Experienced Long Distance Moving Company

A professional mover will complete the task more quickly and, in general, less stressfully. But you’ll end up shelling out a sizable sum of cash. It is possible to reduce costs without compromising quality. We advise looking into the best inexpensive moving companies if staying within your budget is one of your top priorities. They can complete the task without causing any harm to your furniture.


Additionally, self-service moves from a long-distance moving company are always less expensive than full-service moves from a local moving company. Still, the work is primarily up to you and takes longer. Decide which is most important to you when it comes to convenience versus cost in the end.


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