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Avoid Common Moving Mistakes

By September 30, 2019September 13th, 2022No Comments
avoid common moving mistakes

How To Avoid Common Moving Mistakes

Avoid common moving mistakes: Moving day for anyone is going to be a stressful situation. There are so many different things that can go wrong with a move. However, there are a few common moving mishaps that are more common. Even though these moving mishaps happen, there are ways that you can work on avoiding common moving mistakes.

Moving Furniture

Moving furniture is tricky, but occasionally damage can happen while moving. Make sure that there is a clear pathway for the movers. Disassembling furniture is a great way to get things done efficiently.

You can also make sure that the preparation for moving the furniture is done ahead of time. Simple things like making sure boxes are out of the way or you also can empty out dresser drawers. Things like this will make heavy furniture lighter, but also getting the furniture moved from your house into a moving truck will be easier. Professional moving companies also have their packing supplies. You should always discuss prior to moving day all about the packaging and shipping supplies of your belongings. You want to be sure that if you need special equipment such as a dolly or you may need a ramp – even tie-downs, be sure that all of the right equipment is there for a move.

Rogue Movers

Stay clear of rogue movers! This is a mistake that you do not want any part of. You want to be sure that you have checked the credentials of the moving company you have chosen. The last thing you want to experience is trying to move from one state to another while you have already paid 75% of your estimate upfront and then end up with a moving company that does not show up. This can happen and it is a dreadful scam to be a part of.

Therefore, always be sure that you use Google and search for all relevant sites for moving reviews. You might even consider contacting the Better Business Bureau to see if the moving company you are thinking of hiring has had any complaints. If there have been complaints or you do find poor reviews, that might be a moving company that you do not want to hire. You should check the DOT SAFER website before hiring a mover.

Moving with children and pets

Moving with Children and pets

Trying to move with small children and pets can be a grueling experience. Now is the perfect time to hire a babysitter or a dog sitter, so that you are able to focus on the movers getting all of your belongings packed away. You definitely want to be on-site, because you want to watch where all of your belongings are going in the truck, but you also can be there to answer any questions.

Believe it or not, you would be surprised at how many moving company workers may have a question about a particular piece of furniture or they would like your preference about how something is packed. Children and animals can make things a bit more hectic. You can also check out this article on how to prepare your kids for a move.

Damaging Floors

Something that you need to watch for no matter what is scratching on your flooring. You want to be sure that any heavy boxes you have are on a dolly so that you are not scratching up your hardwood floors. When the movers start to move heavy items, you need to be sure that the proper equipment is being used or anything that is heavy has been placed on a piece of cardboard or even a blanket.

Professional moving companies normally have furniture sliders or they will have some type of gliding device that makes moving large objects quite easy. In some cases, one worker can move a large piece of furniture by themselves using a gliding device. You want to watch for any small rocks or debris that is being tracked back and forth into your house. The more gliding and dragging of furniture across your floors – the more you risk scratching, so always watch for that. Check out this article on hiring movers.

Prepare by understanding the common moving mistakes

Moving and Neighbors

Even though you may be moving out of the neighborhood, you do not want to upset your neighbors prior to leaving. If you live and a community or neighborhood that has strict parking rules, you will want to discuss with your neighbors ahead of time about parking or what is going to be the best solution. If you need extra space or if there is the desired time – you want to make sure you be considerate of your neighbors and have a discussion.


Imagine getting moved and settling into your new home, but you have forgotten to turn on the utilities? Even though it may seem silly, but moving can make you forget things. Settling into your new home without any type of power is something not to forget. You want to be sure that your new home has water and electricity. Things like the Internet or cable TV can be hooked up at a later date. However, you do want your home to be comfortable.

Overnight bag and necessities

Brining an overnight bag is essential to a smooth experience. Don’t forget simple essentials such as pajamas, medication, and even toiletries. If you think you may be in a situation where this is something, you can always pack a small suitcase with overnight items. It’s is a great way to unpack at your leisure but still have your essentials. Even bedding and towels are a good idea. Most people that have moved before can’t find what they are looking for immediately.