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How To Avoid Injury While Moving – Best Tips For Heavy Liftings

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How to Avoid Injury While Moving

A typical moving day involves repetitive pushing, pulling, bending, and lifting. Such activities can take a toll on your body, make you tired, and any injury may occur at any time. Sustained back injuries, smashed fingers, twisted joints, cuts, and brushes are so common when people try to manage moving heavy items on their own. Fortunately, you can minimize the risk of injury by following some effective tips. Or, if you have no time to deal with any part of moving, hire the best long-distance movers in Queens and let them efficiently handle everything. 


How to Move with Heavy Goods?

moving with heavy goods

Moving Long Distance with Heavy Goods

1. Avoid rushing at the last minute. 

Injuries may occur when you rush to vacate a property before the deadline. In such a moment, many people try to take shortcuts and push themselves beyond their limits to get the job done quickly. A rush creates a mess and pushes you towards an injury while moving. One can easily avoid a rush with an action plan. 

You should start the planning on the day you hear about moving. You should make a list of items that you want to move to first. Creating a plan and listing the items you want to ship will be better. You can arrange boxes, declutter, and start packing the stuff. You can avoid all these tasks if you hire an efficient moving company on the first move. From packing to unloading- they will take great care of all important steps of moving heavy items. 


2. Do not overpack your boxes. 

A house or office contains lots of small stuff that people like to pack on their own. It’s a better choice as professional movers can concentrate on packing and loading heavier items on the vehicles instead of handling small stuff you can easily handle. But if the items are delicate and require supportive packing, you should let the professionals handle them. 

While packing boxes, you should ensure that boxes contain no more than 40lbs. If you want to reduce the total weight, you can do so. You should not feel exhausted carrying these boxes. Lifting heavy boxes that contain more than 40 lbs can strain not only your back but also accidents may take place, and you may drop the load on your toe. You should refrain from overpacking boxes. In case of furniture moving, you should pack everything parts by part and pack accordingly. If you don’t know how to dismantle it, leave the task to professionals. You remember to put all the screws and pieces in a handy bag and move the bag securely to the new destination. 


3. Use the right equipment set. 

When moving includes tasks like heavy lifting, it is of utmost importance to use the proper equipment. If you are moving items for the first time or not engaged in this job, you won’t have access to the best equipment that makes moving heavy items easy. You may need to use furniture dolly, appliance dolly, stair dolly, moving straps, furniture sliders, etc. If you do not have access to these equipment sets, you may think of buying these. But that is not an effective decision as it will only increase your moving expense. Instead of buying all these tools, you should hire professional long-distance movers

They are equipped with the best tools, methods, and skills to move heavy items and keep everything and everyone safe during the process. Using these tools is not an easy job. It requires training and practice; you can expect it only from professional movers like International Van Lines. 


4. Deploy proper lifting techniques 

One of the best tips for avoiding injury while moving heavy items is to stay protected all the time. While moving or packing, you will be forced to do many uncommon movements that your body has not been accustomed to. Instead of moving the entire thing alone, you should get a physically fit helper who understands the basics of moving heavy furniture. If you try everything on your own, you and your precious furniture pieces may get injured. 

  • You should try pushing heavy furniture pieces whenever applicable instead of pulling them. 
  • Always lift large furniture with your legs to protect your back. Use the undisputed strength of your lower limbs while bending at the knees and keeping your back upright.
  • Whenever you need to town sideways while holding big and heavy furniture, do so with the support of your legs, never with your hips. 
  • Keep the furniture pieces you are wearing close to you as possible, i.e., in the relative centre of your body. 
  • Keep your mind focused, and avoid listening to music or anything that may distract you.
  • Keep children and pets away from that place.
  • Wrong footing can lead to certain frequent moving injuries; as you might expect, tripping over while holding a piece of furniture will not end well. Keep yourself safe by moving slowly and smoothly and taking modest steps.


5. Wear proper clothing & footwear 

Safety when moving is the utmost concern. With professional movers, you can avoid personal injuries and property damage. Injuries mean you will ruin your entire moving day. Amidst many genuine worries on moving day, you should wear appropriate clothing and footwear. 

  • You should wear truly comfortable clothes without lace and any hanging accessories. You can wear a dress made of flexible and breathable material to move freely. 
  • Do not wear clothes that can get hooked on a piece of furniture. 
  • Pick your footwear carefully. You should not wear anything slippery. You should wear closed-toe type footwear with rubber soles. Apart from this, you should also check ankle support. Your ankles will bear much stress on a moving day, so you should wear footwear with proper grip and ankle support. Wear high-quality work gloves to protect your hands from cuts and injuries. Gloves are also effective in preventing palm sweat and unwanted slips. 


These are the top 5 tips you must follow for the safe and smooth moving of heavy items. If you think maintaining all these measures is hectic for you, hire the best long-distance movers in Queens. They will manage the entire move without making you face a small amount of hassle. 


International Van Lines is always better when hiring long-distance movers in Queens. We ensure you and all your valuable items remain safe during the process. From efficient packing to smooth relocation of all items- International Van Lines is here to assist you in every stage of long-distance moving. International Van Lines is a fully licensed national and international moving company- we cover the continental United States and 140 other companies across the globe. Feel free to connect with us and get a fast & free-moving estimate. We make moving easy! 


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