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Benefits of a Garage Sale

By January 4, 2016August 29th, 2022No Comments
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Benefits of a Garage Sale

If you have an upcoming move then setting up a garage sale can simplify things for you. You can get rid of items that you haven’t been using for months together. You don’t want to carry it to a new home and gather dust again.

Below are a few tips for a successful garage sale.

  • Try planning your garage sale during the weekend can choose a time when the weather is pleasant.
  • It is always handy to have a family member or friend to assist you during the sale.
  • Make sure you put up everything that you won’t be needing.
  • Even if you aren’t sure of the exact value of a particular item, you could still put it there.
  • Be realistic while pricing. Consider yourself as a buyer when you put up a price on an item.
  • Arrange your items in such a manner where people can walk about and also closely examine them.
  • Carry only enough cash for change and leave the rest at your home.
  • You can do some local free advertising a couple of days before the sale.
  • If you are selling electrical items then make sure you have a plug point for people to test the item.
  • Last, of all do consider donating unsold items to charity.

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