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Being a part of IVL Network is loaded with benefits

As a licensed household-goods moving broker, we work with independent contractors like you to perform moving services for our customers.

We are always expanding our network of carriers to maintain coverage across the nation.

Application Process

About International Van Lines

Grow Your Business

International Van Lines books jobs in all states within the continental US. We can increase your revenue by ensuring busy and popular routes.

Consistent Work

As a member of International Van Lines network of carriers, our knowledgeable sales team books the work for you! Simply check our load board. If you are there, chances are we have a job that meets your needs.

Fill Empty Trucks

Why drive your trucks empty? International Van Lines helps its affiliate movers fill their trucks on return trips. Never drive empty again!

Preferred Carrier Status

Once you have established a positive relationship with International Van Lines, you may be eligible for our preferred carrier status. Our preferred carriers enjoy added benefits such as first choice of our premium orders, corporate relocations, and a designated team of customer support and operational personnel.

Feel free to leave a message for our operations team at 877-647-1336 with any questions you may have. You can also email us at [email protected]. If you would like to apply, please see the instructions below.

On behalf of IVL, thank you for your interest in becoming one of our affiliate movers!

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Application Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the International Van Lines Carriers Network. Please complete and return the attached Carrier Application Form. Once we review your application, we will be in touch to discuss the details and the next steps to be taken.

Please also send us proof of ownership of your company. This can be any official document that shows both the owner’s full name AND the company name on the same form. Examples of acceptable forms include your “Articles of Incorporation”, FMCSA Authority Letter (if the owner’s name is on it), Bank Statement, or any letter issued by any governmental agency such as an FMCSA Complaint or a letter from the Attorney General. Just as long as it has both the owner’s name & the company name.

We also need copies of the owner and operational manager’s (if not owner) drivers licence and signature.

Please fax your completed application and other documentation to 877-647-1336 or by attaching in a reply to the email you’ll receive.

Download files below

Please download and fill out the following documents. Be sure to fill out the forms completely to avoid any delay in verifying your application.

Carrier Application Form:
Click to Download the PDF

Consent to Credit/Background Check:
Click to Download the PDF

Send us the required documents

Please complete and return the above documents along with your proof of ownership and a copy of the owner’s state ID. If the owner is not an active partner please provide a copy of the head of operation’s ID.

Fax: 954-510-4483
Email: [email protected]
Mail: 3957 NW 126 Ave, Coral Springs, FL 33065.

An agent will start your verification process

After receiving your documents, an agent will review them and, if qualified, will be in touch with you to discuss details and next steps to joining our network.

Need Help?

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