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Cost of Moving from the US to Vancouver

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Cost of Moving from the US to Vancouver

This article will provide the cost of moving from the US to Vancouver. 

However, If you’re considering moving to beautiful Vancouver, you should know a few things first. 

The scenery is stunning, and there’s no shortage of things to do. For example, did you know that Vancouver ranks third in the world according to Mercer’s 2016 Quality of Living?

The cost of living is also relatively low compared to other major cities worldwide. So if you’re looking for a town with plenty to offer both culturally and financially, you made a good choice. 

Cost of moving from the US to Vancouver

Quick answer: The average cost of moving from the US to Vancouver is $4700 to $7000. The size of your move will be the most significant cost factor. However, the time of year, service, and the company you chose will also affect the cost. 

Get rid of stuff: Moving is a great time to purge. It will help reduce moving-related costs and help you stay organized. You have the option to sell things on sites like Offerup or donate them to a nonprofit

Self-pack: An excellent option for saving money on the move is to self-pack your boxes. You can save an average of 10% of your moving costs. However, it can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. You may want to consider both options. 

Chose the right mover: It may seem obvious to search for the right mover, but it’s a common mistake. Most moving companies in the US don’t offer services to Canada. Make sure you look for an experienced moving company with a solid reputation. 

Moving from the US to Vancouver should be an easy transition. 

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Cost of moving a vehicle from the US to Vancouver

Quick answer: The average cost to move a car from the US to Vancouver is $1500 to $2000. The size of your car and service will determine the final price. 

Moving a car from the US to Canada is relatively easy but will require some leg work. An auto hauler will transport your vehicle from your residence to a bonded warehouse by the Port of Vancouver. The recipient would be responsible for picking up from the warehouse and signing customs documentation. 

All vehicles that are transported to Vancouver will come with insurance. An inspection and pictures will be taken at the pickup location for safety. The cost of moving from the US to Vancouver is relatively inexpensive. 

Cost of Moving from the US to VancouverCost for storage when moving to Vancouver 

The average cost for temperature-controlled storage is 0.75 cents per cubic foot, whereas the short term is an average of 0.50 per cubic foot. 

It’s essential to find a quality national moving company that offers temperature-controlled or short-term storage. 

If you plan on storing your household goods for more than two months, you should consider a temp-controlled unit. There are certain items like paintings and certain types of wood that can negatively affect the heat of a warehouse. 

You will also want to ask about insurance options while your goods are in storage. Some moving companies don’t offer insurance on goods that are in storage. 

Should I self-pack for my move to Vancouver?

Your budget will be the determining factor when deciding on self-packing. However, a few things may sway you in one direction or another. 

Self-packing: Packing your boxes is a great way to reduce the cost of moving from the US to Vancouver. However, it will affect your insurance options. By packing your boxes, you will only be entitled to limited coverage, which covers the complete loss of a box instead of an item in the box. 

The best international moving companies will offer you the best possible option, but it’s something to ponder. You may save about 10% off the moving costs, but is that worth the risk? 

Professional Packing: Having a professional moving company pack for you may be more expensive, but it has its benefits. First, you don’t have to do anything. If you’re in a time crunch, then this will help. Second, you will get full coverage insurance, and last professional movers will do it. The cost of moving from the US to Vancouver will not change drastically. 

Cost of living in Vancouver vs. the US

The cost of living in Vancouver can be expensive, but it is still cheaper than living in many parts of the United States.

The average cost of a home in Vancouver is about $429,900. In the US, the average price is approximately $291,700. The median home cost is more expensive than in the US. However, things like health insurance and utilities are less expensive.

The average cost of a gallon of gas in Vancouver is about $1.30. In the US, the average price of a gallon of gas is about $2.60.

The cost of groceries is also cheaper in Vancouver than in the US. A gallon of milk costs about $1.12 in Vancouver and about $2.10 in the US. A dozen eggs cost about $1.67 in Vancouver and $2.50 in the US.

So, while the cost of living in Vancouver may be higher than in some other parts of Canada, it is still cheaper than living in the US, especially when it comes to essentials like housing and food.


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International Van Lines

What is the average cost for rent?

As of 2020, Vancouver’s average cost of rent is $2,200 per month. This figure can vary depending on the neighborhood. Consider the community you choose to live in and the type of housing you are looking for. 

For example, apartments in downtown Vancouver will typically be more expensive than those in the suburbs. Additionally, houses will usually be more costly to rent than apartments. Ultimately, your budget will play a significant role in determining where you live in Vancouver.

If you are looking for affordable housing options, you can do a few things. First, try searching for rentals in less expensive neighborhoods. Second, look for smaller homes or apartments.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your potential landlord – sometimes, you can get a lower rental rate if you are willing to sign a longer lease.

Whatever your budget may be, there are plenty of housing options available in Vancouver. With a little bit of searching, you will find the perfect place to call home.

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The average cost for flights to Vancouver

The average cost for flights from the US to Vancouver can vary greatly depending on many factors. The time of year, the airline, and the origin and destination airports all play a role. However, generally speaking, the average cost for a round-trip flight from the US to Vancouver is around $700.

Prices can increase or decrease depending on the factors mentioned above, but it gives you a general idea of what you can expect to pay for a flight from the US to Vancouver.

When planning your trip, keep an eye on flight prices and book in advance to get the best deal.

How to find a good mover 

You would think that finding a good moving company would be easy. However, contrary to what many people believe, only a select group of movers in the US handle Canada’s move. 

The cost of moving from the US to Vancouver should generally be the same. If you find yourself with a quote that is a lot less than the other, it can be a red flag. It’s essential to spend some time researching the mover you’re considering. 

You can use online reviews for some insight. However, you will also want to consider the years in business and the size of the company. Larger moving companies will tend to have more complaints than smaller ones, which doesn’t make them the wrong choice. 

Bottom Line

If you are considering a move to Vancouver, the cost of living is something you will want to consider. The good news is that there are many affordable neighborhoods and plenty of activities and amenities to enjoy in this beautiful city. Give us a call today so we can help you find the perfect place to live in Vancouver.

International Van Lines offers moving services to and from any city in Canada. We maintain one of the best reputations in the moving industry and are lisenced and insured to perform moves and storage if needed. 

Feel free to contact one of our relation coordinators, who can walk you through the process and pricing for different scenarios. 

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