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Costs to Consider when Moving Abroad 

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Costs to Consider when Moving Abroad

Moving to a new country is exciting, but it comes with planning and prepping. There are many costs to consider when moving abroad. If you’re moving household goods, you will need a mover. You’ll also have travel expenses. Additionally, there may be visa fees based on your final destination. 

This article will break down the 10 costs you must consider when moving overseas. It will help you plan, budget, and have a more positive experience when moving overseas.

1. International moving company 

The cost of a moving company is highly dependent on where you’re going and what you’re moving to. Ocean freight is the most common transportation method and averages $3000 to $8000

Moving is a great time to purge. Getting rid of unwanted items will help with moving costs and organization. You can donate unwanted items to a non-profit or sell them online for some extra cash. 

You can also consider self-packing, which will help reduce moving costs by about 10%. You will want to weigh the pros and cons of self-packing before committing. These are all costs to consider when moving abroad.

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If you’re moving abroad, you can expect that you will have to get a visa. Visa requirements vary from country to county, and you should secure the proper visa in advance and before you plan to travel. 

When moving to a new country, securing a visa is more complicated than traveling for work or school. However, some countries have more straightforward immigration requirements, and others can be more complex. 

Visa fees are costs to consider when moving abroad. They average $500 to $2000. You should add visa fees to your budget when planning an international move. 

3. Customs duties and taxes

Depending on the final destination and what you’re bringing, you may have customs duties and taxes. If you’re moving all of your household goods, you may want to speak with your mover. Generally speaking, they can range from $500 to $2000

Most international moving companies can include customs and port-related fees in the cost of the move. However, if you choose a port pickup service, you will ultimately be responsible for the costs. 

Customs, duties, and taxes are costs to consider when moving overseas. However, any knowledgeable freight forwarder or mover can walk you through the process and potential fees. 

4. Travel costs

There are many travel costs to consider when moving abroad. These include airfare, accommodation, transportation, and other incidentals. The price of these items will vary depending on your destination, but you can expect to spend several thousand dollars on your relocation.

Moving abroad can be a costly endeavor, but you can make the process much easier by being prepared for the associated travel expenses. Be sure to budget for airfare, accommodation, transportation, and other incidentals when planning your move. 

Cost of shipping a vehicle to London from NY

Shipping Cars RO-RO – Roll-On/Roll-Off

5. Shipping a vehicle abroad

You may be considering shipping a vehicle to a new country. If so, you can expect to spend $1800 to $5000. The service and final destination is the most significant cost factor. 

Service options: 

  • Roll-on Roll-off (roro)
  • Consolidation 
  • Container 

Roll-on Roll-off: The most economical transportation method when shipping a car is roro service. However, it’s a basic port-to-port service where your car is rolled on a ship and rolled off a boat, hence the name. Keep in mind that your vehicle will be exposed to the elements. 

Consolidation Service: A consolidation service is an excellent option for saving money and having your car containerized. Your vehicle will be loaded in a container with others going to the same destination. You can expect a transit time of about 20 days, give or take. 

Container Shipping: You can have them in the same container if you’re moving household goods and a car. You also have the option of an exclusive container if you’re only shipping a vehicle. It’s the most expensive out of the three options, but costs to consider when moving abroad. 

6. New clothes 

One of the biggest concerns people have when moving abroad is whether or not they will need new clothes. The answer to this question depends on many factors, including where you are moving to and your style.

If you are moving to a country with a climate significantly different from your own, then it is likely that you will need at least some new clothing items. For example, if you are moving from a cold climate to a hot one, you will probably need to invest in lighter-weight clothing. News clothes should be part of the costs to consider when moving abroad.

Overall, whether or not you need new clothes when moving abroad depends on a few different factors. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and pack a few extra items just in case.

7. Move-in costs

Utilities and move-in costs can vary when moving abroad. In some cases, utilities may be included in the rent, while others may be separate. Move-in costs may also include a security deposit, first month’s rent, and agent fees. 

Accommodation costs: If you need to rent or purchase a new home in your destination country, this will add to the overall cost of your move. Be sure to factor in things like deposits, utilities, and furniture, which are all costs to consider when moving abroad.

Living expenses: Obviously, you will need to factor in living costs in your new country when budgeting for your move. It includes things like food, transportation, and housing costs. Be sure to research these costs ahead of time to budget for your move accurately.

As you can see, there are many different costs to consider when moving abroad. By doing your research and planning, you can ensure a realistic budget for your move.

Moving Abroad 8. Cell phone costs 

Moving abroad can be a big challenge, especially when it comes to cell phone service. Cell data are part of the costs to consider when moving abroad. Most people assume that their home country’s cell phone providers will work in other countries, but that’s often not. Even if your home country’s provider has coverage in the country you’re moving to, the rates can be high. For example, AT&T charges $1.79 per minute for calls from the US to France, while T-Mobile charges a whopping $2.49 per minute.

To avoid these high international calling rates, it’s best to sign up for a local cell phone plan in the country you’re moving to. This way, you’ll have a local number and won’t have to worry about expensive long-distance charges. Additionally, many cell phone plans in other countries offer free or discounted calls to other numbers in the same region, which can save you a lot of money if you need to make many calls.

9. Parcel shipping costs

If you’re moving abroad and only need to ship a few boxes, international parcel shipping is your best option. Companies like DHL and FedEx offer international shipping for packages. 

Before contacting an international shipping company for rates, you should have everything boxes up, measure each box and weigh them. It will help with accuracy, and you won’t get blindsided with additional charges. 

International parcel shipping can range anywhere from $800 to $1500 and is based on the number of parcels you’re planning on shipping. Shipping costs to consider when moving abroad vary based on what and where you’re shipping your boxes. 

10. Health care costs

Healthcare costs in other countries can vary significantly depending on various factors. These include the type of healthcare system in place, the level of government funding available, and the overall economic conditions of the country.

Countries with more developed healthcare systems and stronger economies tend to have higher healthcare costs than those with less developed systems or weaker economies. However, there can be significant variation within these broad categories.

For example, the United States has one of the most developed healthcare systems globally, yet its healthcare costs are still relatively high compared to other developed countries. It is partly due to the high level of private insurance coverage in the US, which drives up costs. In contrast, countries like Canada and the United Kingdom have single-payer healthcare systems, which tend to be much more efficient and cost-effective than the US system.

In addition to overall economic conditions, the level of government funding for healthcare can also have a significant impact on costs. Countries that provide universal health coverage (UHC) tend to have lower healthcare costs than those that do not. UHC ensures that everyone has access to essential healthcare services, regardless of their ability to pay. As a result, people are less likely to experience financial hardship due to medical bills, and providers are less likely to waste resources on unnecessary or duplicate tests and procedures.

Other costs to consider when moving abroad.

Moving abroad should be an exciting experience. This article will help with planning and budgeting for your relocation. However, always costs can arise when moving to a new country. Below is a list of other expenses to consider when moving abroad. 

  • Pet transportation 
  • Entertainment 
  • Car rental 
  • Packing supplies 
  • Food
  • Things for your new home

These are just a few more things to consider. If you’re looking for an international moving quote, feel free to call us, and we will walk you through the process. Thank you for reading, and enjoy your new venture. 


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