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Getting Ready Guide for Moving to Yuma AZ

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Your Getting Ready Guide for Moving to Yuma, AZ

There are many upsides to relocating to Yuma, Arizona. This small town in southwest Arizona, overlooking the Colorado River, is home to preserved cells of a Wild West-era prison and many 19th-century military locations. Its historic downtown, bustling shopping and dining scene, next to incredible parks and hiking locations make Yuma, AZ, a popular destination for young adults and families. If you’re planning on moving to Yuma, consider this your go-to guide for getting ready. 

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Yuma at a glance

People love living in Yuma for its warm culture and commitment to preserving its heritage. If you are thinking about moving to Yuma, Arizona, here are the basics you need to know about:

  • Climate: Yuma has an annual temperature of 88°F and lows of 61°F. It never snows in Yuma (so far), and you can expect a yearly rainfall average of 3.8 inches. 
  • Population: Yuma has a population of 141,891 residents, which makes it feel like a suburban city. 
  • Commute time: The average commute time in the town is about 20 minutes. 
  • Top industries: Yuma is well-known for being a bustling city for military and health care. 

Cost of moving to Yuma, AZ

The cost of moving to Yuma depends on where you’re coming from. Most interstate moves will vary on the total distance traveled, number of workers, volume and weight of items shipped, etc. Here are some estimates to consider:

  • New York to Yuma, Arizona, averages $4,362.
  • Florida to Yuma, Arizona, averages $3,778.
  • California to Yuma, Arizona, averages $2,300.
  • Texas to Yuma, Arizona, averages $2,500.
  • Washington to Yuma, Arizona, averages $2,915.

International Van Lines offers professional moving services in Arizona. This table gives you an idea of how much it would cost for a local move in Yuma, Arizona. Your Getting Ready Guide for Moving to Yuma AZ should help with the process. 

Number of movers Hourly with packing Estimated hours
2 Movers (one-bedroom) $320 4  to 6 hours
3 Movers (two-bedrooms) $440 5 to 8 hours
4 Movers (three-bedrooms) $550 7 to 10 hours
5 Movers (four-bedrooms) $625 9 to 13 hours

Keep in mind: These are general rates. We recommend requesting a free estimate and speaking with a relocation coordinator for an accurate quote. 

Cost for local moving in Yuma, AZ

subdivision in Yuma, AZ

Costs of living in Yuma

One of the biggest allures of moving to Yuma, AZ, is its low cost of living. The average cost of living in the area is 3.4% lower than the national average. For the most part, housing and renting is considerably more affordable in Yuma than in other cities. With its short proximity to Phoenix and San Diego but lower living costs, Yuma is a top-rated city for many looking to relocate. 


Yuma is home to many school districts, including public education, public charter schools, and private schools. Yuma is also home to four higher education campuses, including the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Arizona Western College. Here’s an average of the school ratings in Arizona:

  • Elementary: 7/10
  • Middle: 5.2/10
  • High: 5.4/10


Perhaps Yuma’s best perk is the low cost of living. Housing is, on average, 13% cheaper than in other US cities. The average home price in Yuma sits at $219,500, even in today’s competitive market. Housing is considerably more affordable than the state’s average, $349,300. The average rent price is about $940 per month.


The average salary in Yuma is $39,413. However, this will vary by sector, career, and experience. Nonetheless, living in Yuma offers plenty of professional growth and entertainment opportunities. Yuma is home to hiking trails, city parks, music venues, libraries, museums, and breweries that give it a buzzing social scene. Perhaps that’s why it keeps attracting young adults to the city, with the average being around 32 years old. 

Best places to live in Yuma, AZ

If you’re planning a move to Yuma, Arizona, consider these top locations:

  • Fortuna Foothills: Best for retirement. With a look and feel similar to Palm Springs but at a fraction of the cost, this laid-back and family-friendly place is ideal for anyone getting ready to retire in Arizona. 
  • Somerton: Best for children. Somerton is home to great schools, many parks, and low crime rates for parents looking for a small town with all the essentials for a family. 
  • Small Desert City: Best for nature lovers. Located near the river and is affordable and comfortable with plenty of outdoor entertainment.
Your Getting Ready Guide for Moving to Yuma, AZ

International Van Lines

Things to do in Yuma, AZ

Yuma is ideal for outdoor fanatics. With many parks, rivers, and hiking trails, the city is meant to be explored from afar. Here are the most popular activities in Yuma:

  • Explore the Yuma Territorial Prison Park for a history lesson and your dose of Yuma’s heritage. 
  • Cross the Ocean to Ocean Highway Bridge for a fantastic view of the river and the city from above.
  • Test your luck at the casino when you stop by the Cocopah Casino and the Paradise Casino.
  • Beat the heat at Waylon’s Water World, Yuma’s own water park.
  • Explore one of the dozens of parks, hiking trails, and desert areas around the city. 
  • Head to Gateway Park by the Colorado River for fishing, picnic, and playgrounds. 

As always, ask the locals for recommendations. Yuma is home to many restaurants and local dining experiences that you must try at least once. Your Getting Ready Guide for Moving to Yuma AZ should help make moving to Yuma a bite easier. 

Finding movers in Yuma, Arizona 

When planning a long-distance move to Arizona, you must hire professional movers. With so many things happening simultaneously, you want to find a reputable moving company operating locally in Yuma. They will be able to help you find the best time of the year to plan your move to Arizona and answer as many questions about the process as possible. 


Is Yuma, AZ, an excellent place to live?

There are pros and cons to living in Yuma, Arizona, like with any city. Overall, the low cost of living makes Yuma a popular destination for people across the country. Plus, with endless outdoor space and a small-town feeling, many reasons for moving to Yuma. 

What’s it like living in Yuma, Arizona?

Also known as the sunniest city on Earth, Yuma is all about sunshine and clear skies almost year-round. While temperatures can get hot, there’s low humidity, so you feel more comfortable than you’d expect. Living in Yuma has a very laid-back lifestyle with lots of outdoor activities. 

Is Yuma the hottest city in the US?

It is. Yuma has temperature averages of 88°F, but it can get more than 175 days of temperatures averaging 90°F or higher. 

How close is Yuma, Arizona, to the Mexican border?

Yuma is only 10 miles away from the Mexican border. Residents often plan day trips to Los Algodones, Mexico, and nearby Mexican cities. 


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