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Cost for local moving in Yuma AZ

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Cost for local moving in Yuma, AZ

The cost for local moving in Yuma, AZ will vary, but here you will find everything you need to know.

Arizona has seen a steady incline for some years. However, it’s been like never before over the past several years. It’s a desired destination, and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down. One of the most desired locations is Yuma, AZ.

Many factors are driving people’s decision to move to Yuma, AZ. Homes are larger, there’s more land available, and the cost of living in Yuma is below the national average. People from surrounding states like California are flocking to Yuma in droves. 

Here we will provide the general cost for local moving in Yuma, AZ, and out-of-state moving costs. It’s always best to speak with the mover of your choice to confirm pricing. 


Cost for local moving in Yuma, AZ

Quick answer: The average cost for local moving in Yuma, AZ, ranges from $1200 to $3000. Local moving is based on workforce, hours, and packing supplies. There are several ways to reduce your local moving costs. 

  • Two men and a truck: $320 per hour (packing included)
  • Three men and a truck: $440 per hour (packing included)
  • Four men and a truck: $550 per hour (packing included)
  • Five men and a truck: $625 per hour (packing included)

Average cost per move size: The cost for local moving in Yuma, AZ is dependent on the size of your move, destination, and service requested. Professional packing, storage, or a long-carry service can affect the overall cost of your move. However, there are ways of reducing the cost of your move. 

  • One-bedroom: 4 to 6 hours 
  • Two-bedroom: 5 to 8 hours 
  • Three-bedroom: 7 to 10 hours 
  • Four-bedroom: 9 to 13 hours 

You can help reduce the cost of your move by self-packing. You can purchase packing supplies online or at any local department store like Home Depot. Additionally, getting rid of unwanted items will also help reduce the cost of your move. It’s always best to speak with the moving company to discuss the different options. 

Cost for out-of-state moving from Yuma, AZ

Quick answer: The cost for out-of-state moving from Yuma, AZ, is between $4500 to $7000. The size of your move is the most significant factor. However, the distance and service level will also affect the cost. 

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Reduce cost: The cost for local moving un Yuma, AZ, and out-of-state moving can get expensive. The most significant factor is move size. Getting rid of unwanted items is a sure way to reduce costs. You can utilize a local non-profit that will pick up unwanted items for free or sell them online. 

Another excellent way to reduce is the cost is self-packing. You can purchase supplies online or at any local Walmart, Uhaul, or Lowes. Self-packing will help reduce your moving costs by about 10-12%. 

Unlike local moving, long-distance moving is based on the volume or weight of your move. The distance of your move will also affect the cost. The less the mileage, the more affordable the cost will be. Always make sure you go with a lisenced national moving company. You can check the FMSCA website for license information. 


Cost for international moving from Yuma, AZ

Quick Answer: The average cost of an international move from Yuma, AZ, is $6000 to $8000. The volume of your move is the most significant factor when moving overseas. 

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The cost for local moving in Yuma, AZ, is based on hours. However, when moving from Yuma, AZ, abroad, your price will be based on cubic feet. The size of your move will determine if you will ship in an exclusive container or as part of a consolidation. 

You must find an international moving company lisenced by the Federal Maritime Commission. In addition, all overseas moving companies must maintain a bond to cover any catastrophic situations. 

All shippers will have the option of a door-to-door or port service. It’s always best to get a few quotes for comparison. 

How to find a mover in Yuma, AZ

It’s essential to look for a mover who provides the level of service that you will require. Some movers have stellar reputations, whereas others may seem a bit shady. It is no surprise that the moving industry gets thousands of complaints each year. The number one complaint is overcharging and hostage loads. However, doing a bit of research goes a long way. 

Virtual Survey: Rather than relying on a mover to provide you with a phone estimate, make sure you request a virtual tour. It will help with accuracy.

Check license information: The cost for local moving in Yuma, AZ, will vary from company to company. However, they must have a lisenced to perform local or out-of-state moves. 

Years in business: We have nothing against a new company. However, if they have a high volume of complaints and have only been in business for a few months, you may want to reconsider. 

Online Reviews: You should always check a business out online. You can check websites like and Forbes for some of the best long-distance moving companies in the industry. 

Moving company in Yuma, AZ

International Van Lines

Yuma, AZ facts and demographics 

According to the Census Bureau, Yuma, AZ, has had a population of over 95,548 since April 2021. Although their stats haven’t been updated, we’ve seen a trend of people flocking to AZ, making it the 5th most desired state in the country. 

AZ’s population continues to grow. We see people moving in droves. Many people are swapping CA for Arizona; a years-long trend accelerated during COVID. Phoenix sees 200 new residents a day as people search for more affordable living options. 

Population Growth: 2020 to 2021 YOY – 1.80% 

Job Growth: August 2020 to August 2021 – 157,600

New Employers: DoorDash, Viavi Solutions, LiveRamp, Bonelli Doors + Windows, Moov Technologies, International Van Lines



The cost for moving within or out of state is reasonable. However, it’s essential to do some basic due diligence on any mover you consider. 

Local moving is based on hours, whereas long-distance moving is based on volume or weight. 

It’s always best to get rid of unwanted items before you move. It will help reduce costs and make for a smoother transition. 

If you have any questions or looking for a moving quote, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. 

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