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Container Shipping – Roll on Roll off – Consolidations

Transporting a car overseas can seem like a daunting task — the paperwork involved, the different shipping options, taxes, etc. International Van Lines can walk you through the most affordable and logical solutions to get your vehicle overseas. Whether you’re shipping a car for personal use or selling multiple vehicles, we can help.  If you need international auto shipping quotes, you can contact us at any time. Below are some different shipping options, but it’s always best to contact us if you have any questions.

International Van Lines offers international, long distance and local moving services. If you’re transporting household goods with a vehicle, we can provide a consolidation service which will help cut costs. IVL is ranked #1 by, Consumer Advocate and has been featured in the INC500 as one of the nations fastest growing companies. We thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can also check out some of our reviews here.


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International auto shipping

Container Shipping

Container shipping is an excellent option for high-end vehicles, consolidations or just if you don’t want your car exposed to the elements. International Van Lines offers 20″,40″ and 40″ high cube containers. You can see the container dimensions here.

If you’re shipping a single vehicle, we would suggest a 20″ container. We can load the container at your door, or you can bring it to a nearby terminal for loading. Your car will be blocked & braced in the container. We also offer full coverage insurance for damage and or loss.

If you’re planning on shipping more than one car, we offer consolidation services and will load into a 40″ container. We can stack a total of four mid-size vehicles in a 40″ container. This is a great way to save money if you’re planning on shipping more then one car. International auto shipping quotes can vary based on destination. IVL ships to over 180 countries, but it’s important you contact an agent to go over the details.

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Consolidation Service

Out of all the international auto shipping quotes consolidation service is our favorite. Your vehicle will be secured in a container, not exposed and you get to save some money. With our console service, you can drop the car off at a nearby terminal, or we can pick it up from your location. Your vehicle will be loaded into a 40″ container with several other vehicles that will be heading for the same destination.

The downside of consolidation is the transit time. Your shipment may or may not ship right away. If we don’t have enough freight to justify a 40″ container we will hold your car (free) until we do. The good news is that this doesn’t often happen, especially for common areas like Europe, Australia or South America. If you’re looking for international auto shipping quotes and options please contact us at any time.

International Auto Shipping Quotes

Roll on Roll off (RO/RO)

RO/RO service is the most affordable when it comes to shipping a vehicle overseas. Whether you’re transporting a car, motorcycle or heavy machinery this will be the easiest route. The ships are explicitly designed to carry wheeled freight. The vehicles are driven or rolled onto the vessel and then rolled off at the destination. It will be the most affordable option; however, your car will be exposed which most of the time is not an issue.

The shipper (you) would be responsible for driving the car to the nearest port od discharge. You will do some necessary paperwork and can purchase insurance for the vehicle. You will also have the option to add insurance which will cover damage and or loss. It’s is an excellent option for international auto shipping quotes.



We would never recommend shipping a vehicle overseas without insurance. Although insurance claims are rare it’s smart to play it safe. The insurance is affordable and will cover the vehicle in case of any damages or loss. Keep in mind that your car will be on the ocean for some time and we can control an act of God.

International Van Lines offers all risk and total loss insurance for auto transport. All risk insurance will cover both damage and loss whereas total loss insurance will only cover for the total loss. It’s suggested that you speak with an agent about the different insurance options. You can also visit our insurance page for more details. Thank you for visiting the website and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Custom clearance

Customs Clearance Documentation

To transport your vehicle overseas, we will need the shipping forms filled out to completion. The types will consist of shipping information, terms & conditions, deposit, year make model and original title. We cannot under any circumstances ship your car without the proper paperwork.

If you’re shipping as part of a consolidated container or by ro/ro service we will include the customs clearance charges as part of the estimate; however, if you’re sending a single container you will be responsible for handling all port documentation. Please also check your country for any importation taxes, port charges or THC (terminal handling charges. It is suggested that you speak with one of our agents to confirm the details, so there are no surprises. IVL has been in business since 2000 and handles over 10,000 movers per year. They were ranked number one by, Consumer Advocate and have featured in the Sun Sentinel.