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International Moving

International Moving Quotes

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International Moving Quotes

International Moving Quotes 

International moving can be a costly endeavor. Furthermore, planning, prepping, and finding reasonably priced international moving quotes can be time-consuming. 

There are several shipping options when moving abroad. We aim to provide the tools and knowledge you need to secure the best international moving companies for the lowest price. 

How do I prepare for an international move? 

It would be best if you prepared for an international move six months before your moving date. You can use an international moving checklist to help keep track of tasks and organization. 

  1. Finalize your destination.  
  2. Get a visa
  3. Learn the local language
  4. Find a place to live
  5. Ship your belongings
  6. Set up utilities and services
  7. Get health insurance
  8. Register with the local authorities
  9. Familiarize yourself with the local culture

You should start requesting international moving quotes at least eight weeks before your moving date. However, you can start opening up the conversation with your mover to understand the moving process better. 

How much does it cost to move overseas? 

Generally, you will spend $1500 to $10,000 on average for an international moving company. The size of your move and the country you’re moving to will be the most significant cost factors. You’ll also want to consider service and time of year. 

There are several ways of reducing the cost of your international move. Self-packing, service, and reducing the size of your move will significantly impact price. Finding the right moving company is also essential to a positive moving experience. 

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How are international moves quoted? 

International moves are quotes based on cubic feet and or container size. Smaller moves typically ship in a shared container, whereas larger moves ship in a 20′ or 40′ container. 

You may find that the quoting process may vary based on the international mover you’re speaking to. However, it’s always best to request an on-site or virtual tour for accuracy. 

The best international moving companies will offer a customized international moving quote based on your needs. Additionally, you’ll want to request three international moving quotes for comparison. 

How long does international moving take

How do I choose an international moving company? 

Start by checking the Federal Maritime Commission website for license information. Then research international movers online; you can check reviews. Lastly, go with your gut. An international moving company should be knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable. 

The best international moving companies will start by asking you a list of questions: 

  1. Where are you moving from and to? 
  2. When is your moving date? 
  3. What type of service are you looking for? 
  4. Do you need insurance? 
  5. Do you need professional packing? 
  6. Will you require storage? 
  7. Are you on a tight budget?

These are the main questions a moving company will ask to give you an initial quote. However, there’s also a list of questions you should ask your moving company to ensure their capabilities. 

What questions should I ask my international mover?

Before moving internationally, you must ensure all of your questions are answered accurately. Below is a list of ten questions you can use when looking for international moving quotes:

  1. Are you lisenced by the Federal Maritime Commission? 
  2. Are you familiar with my destination country? 
  3. Do you offer packing services? 
  4. What international moving services do you offer? 
  5. How long have you been in business? 
  6. Are there any hidden fees? 
  7. Are there ways to save money? 
  8. Is customs clearance included? 
  9. How long will my move take? 
  10. Do you help with pre-move planning? 

Ask your moving company these questions, and you will have a good experience. 

How can I move overseas cheaply? 

International moving costs are based on the volume of your move. Reducing the move size is a sure way to reduce the cost of hiring movers. However, there are a few other things to consider when moving abroad. 

  1. Plan early: The more time you have to prepare, the better you will stay on budget and task. 
  2. Shipping method: You can choose several options from which ocean freight is the least expensive. 
  3. Compare international moving quotes: Make sure to get up to three moving quotes before you decide. 
  4. Garage sale: try selling unwanted items, so make some additional cash. 
  5. Self-packing: consider self-packing your boxes. It can help reduce your international moving costs. 

These are just a few options to help save money on your international move. It’s best to speak with a professional moving company about other ways you can reduce your costs. 

International Moving Cost Estimator

Do international moving quotes include customs clearance? 

No, not all international moving quotes included customs clearance. If you’re shipping to the port, you will be responsible for customs clearance and arranging pickup at the destination. 

Moreover, you will also be responsible for port-related charges, such as terminal handling charges. It’s best to speak with the international moving company of your choice about the details of your move. 

How long does an international move take? 

An international move can take one week or eight weeks. The final destination and transportation method are the most significant factors when moving overseas. 

The typical transportation method for moving overseas is ocean freight. You can expect transit times of four to six weeks on average, but it can be longer based on your destination country. 

If you’re in a hurry, then you can consider airfreight. However, it’s more costly and can break the bank. It’s best to get a couple of international moving quotes for comparison. 

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International moving quotes for ocean freight

International ocean freight is the process of shipping goods via ocean transport. It can be done via container ships or bulk carriers and may involve multiple stops. 

The main benefits of using international ocean freight are that it is typically very cost-effective and can handle large shipments. Additionally, ocean transport is relatively slow compared to other methods such as airfreight, so it is often used for less time-sensitive shipments. 

One downside of international ocean freight is that it can be subject to delays due to weather conditions or other factors beyond the control of the international moving company. 

Get international moving quotes for ocean and air freight

Do international movers offer air freight? 

The more experienced international movers offer air freight as a shipping option. Airfreight is the fastest but most expensive mode of transportation for moving household goods overseas. 

Unlike ocean freight, it’s based on the weight or volume, whichever is greater. If you’re in a hurry to get your stuff and price is not a significant factor, you should consider shipping via airfreight. 

Other international moving services? 

If you’re shipping boxes only, you can ask your international mover about parcel shipping. Parcel shipping is typically handled through a third-party carrier like FedEx or DHL. However, most international movers can offer a significant discount based on their volume. 

Moving quotes to Europe

Moving from the US to Europe costs $3000 to $10,000. The size of your move and service are the most significant cost factors. You’ll also want to consider the final destination and the chosen international mover. 

Moving quotes to Asia

If you’re moving from the US to Asia, you can expect to spend $3500 to $12,000. Reducing the size of your move will significantly lessen the cost. However, you will also want to consider different shipping options that can reduce costs. 

Moving quotes to Australia

Moving from the US to Australia can set you back $3800 to $15,000. Relocating overseas is a great time to purge, so consider getting rid of unwanted items to lessen the cost. 

Moving quotes to Canada

If you’re moving from the US to Canada, you can expect to pay $2000 to $7000 when hiring a moving company. You can consider self-packing and reducing the move size to save money on your move. 

Best moving companies

International Van Lines

Can I ship household goods with a car? 

Moving overseas, you can consolidate your car with your household goods. The cost of your move will depend on the container size and service you require. 

Your vehicle will be loaded at your residence along with your household goods. The car will be blocked and braced in the container first then your household goods and boxes will be loaded. 

Do international moving quotes include insurance? 

In some cases, international movers will include insurance as part of the quote. However, it’s always best to ask for confirmation. International moving insurance is typically handled through a third party. 

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Miscellaneous costs to consider when moving overseas

1. Visas and travel costs: depending on your destination country, you may need to obtain a visa to enter. It can often be a costly process, especially if you need to get multiple visas or pay for expedited processing. 

2. Housing costs: Whether renting or buying, housing costs can be one of the most significant expenses when moving to a new country. Make sure to research ahead of time.

3. Utility costs: setting up utilities in your new home can also be a significant expense. In addition to the initial cost of connecting or activating the service, you may also need to pay deposits for things like electricity and water.

4. Cost of living: generally, living in another country can be higher than what you’re used to paying in the US. It is especially true if you’re moving to a major city or popular tourist destination. Make sure to budget accordingly.

5. Language barriers: depending on where you’re moving, you may need to learn a new language to communicate effectively with those around you. It can often be a challenge, and you may need to budget for things like language classes or tutors.

7. Cultural differences: another cost to consider when moving to another country is adjusting to a new culture. It can sometimes be difficult, and you may find yourself missing the comforts of home.

International moving quotes with International Van Lines

in business since 2000, International Van Lines is one of the country’s oldest and most recognized international movers. Whether you’re moving from New York to Europe or Los Angeles to Asia, we can help. 

International Van Lines is lisenced by the Federal Maritime Commission and offers both ocean and air freight services. We also help with a customized shipping plan that best fits your budget. 

If you’re looking for international moving quotes, you can fill out one of our quote forms online or call us. We will make the process easy and provide you with different shipping options. 

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