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Things To Know About International Relocation | IVL

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international relocation

Are you getting ready to relocate abroad? There are various motivations for international relocation, including employment, education, or exploring new cultures and ways of life. A great method to experience a different way of life is to go abroad or overseas. Such an experience will be a thrilling change but frequently requires additional planning and preparation. You must make all your arrangements, including where you will live and how you will support yourself. Moving overseas has special difficulties, such as picking up new languages and obtaining visas. Fortunately, we can assist you in crossing off one of those crucial tasks: finding out how to transport your possessions to a different nation.


It is obvious that those who claim that “the finest things in life are free” have never been overseas. While moving to a foreign nation is exhilarating, it is often expensive. When you believe you’ve solved a problem, another one surfaces. Shipping, visas, and flights, to name a few, may cost you a lot of money if you’re not careful—and that’s before you ever reach your destination. However, it would help if you didn’t allow your ambitious objectives to be derailed by financial concerns. Fortunately, International Van Lines’s knowledgeable staff knows how to reduce moving expenses, and we’re happy to share their knowledge with you.


The greatest method to save costs is shopping for the best bargain by comparing businesses and lacking time to search the internet for shipping costs. Use our straightforward quotation tool to expedite the procedure. Provide us with your journey, and we’ll send your information to our knowledgeable suppliers. They will provide you with free quotations that are specifically customized to your relocation. 


Top Tips for Moving Abroad Affordably

relocation preparation

Preparing for Relocation

Choose Sea Freight Over Air Freight Logistics

Given that our website solely offers maritime freight, you might be hesitant about this but stick with us. If you’re searching for the most affordable way to transfer your belongings overseas, container ships should be your first port of call. According to the World Bank, shipping by sea is generally 12–16 times less expensive than shipping by air. Why is it the case? Due to the current extreme overcapacity of the global marine freight sector, the supply surpasses demand, which helps keep prices low. If you need to move urgently, air cargo companies could be your only option, but sea freight is essential for any reasonable overseas migration.


Give Yourself Time

Almost every facet of your move will greatly benefit you if you take action quickly. Nothing prevents you from scheduling a date for the shipment of your stuff once you know where and when you’re traveling. If you wait too long, you’ll only have two awful options: flying your belongings for an outrageous fee or arriving before all of your cargo by many weeks. It’s a no-brainer. You won’t miss the boat if you can manage your time well. Start speaking with shipping firms at least three to four months before the date of your anticipated relocation; alternatively, you may speed up the process by filling out this quick form, and we’ll handle the legwork for you. 


Compare Shipping Quotes

IVL Shipping quotes

One Stop Solution for Long Distance Moving

Every sane customer does a little research before making a decision. When purchasing a pint at the bar, this could seem overkill, but relocating abroad is no joke. You have an option because several shipping firms are operating on practically every route in the world. Before choosing the first freight forwarder you locate, it’s crucial to weigh your alternatives.


Get The Best Health Insurance Policy

It’s a good idea for ex-pats to get private medical coverage in most nations. Even if your new nation has an effective public healthcare system, it may take some time before you can access it. For example, you may need to dwell in the country for a specific time or obtain a residency visa. It pays smart to compare insurance and work things out early in advance of your trip to ensure you receive the best bargain. So, where should we begin?


Prepare For Overseas Finance

You never completely uproot yourself when your international relocation. Always leave a trace of yourself behind. Particularly regarding money. Once you’re settled in your new nation, you’ll undoubtedly need to use whatever money you have in a bank. However, this quickly becomes expensive due to various fees and unfavorable currency rates associated with sending money abroad. As it enters your new bank account, you’ll see that your carefully accumulated stash of spare change is getting smaller. 


Buy Flights At Exactly The Right Moment

We normally presume that you’ll be flying there, even though we highly advise that your stuff travels to your new residence by sea. But not often the most experienced travelers can book the most affordable tickets. You must select your opportunity. This advice comes straight from the experts at Skyscanner, who have extensive knowledge of flying.

  • For short-haul flights, purchase tickets seven weeks beforehand.
  • Buy long-haul flight tickets 18 weeks in advance.

So, if you have the patience, wait a little while before purchasing the tickets rather than doing so as soon as they go on sale. If this advice isn’t bizarrely precise enough for you, most airlines also advise booking your flights on Sundays because they are often the least expensive. 


Get Your Pet Vaccinated

Ensure that your pet is vaccinated before embarking on your new trip. Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to organize things and prevent stress and additional costs at the last minute. Not only will you be taking care of your four-legged friend’s health by keeping up with its vaccinations, but you could also be able to avoid having to quarantine. If you don’t take care of your pet’s documentation and immunizations, your friend may have to split ways with you since it won’t be allowed to enter your new country of residence. There will be higher flying expenses as a result. While traveling, you’ll not only need to arrange a return trip for your pet but also potentially face last-minute price increases. 


Sell The Stuff You Don’t Need

We’re stating the obvious, but your cargo will be less expensive the less you bring. You’ll spend a lot less money if you can cut the fat before packing up and shipping. Take half as much as you think you’ll need when relocating to a new nation. Now is the moment to thoroughly abuse your possessions. Try to envision your life without one of your possessions. You don’t need it if it feels OK. Try harder if you find it impossible to envisage life without it. 


The substantial TV in your living room? Perhaps a winter coat too. If you’re relocating to a warm nation, you won’t need it. Your canine? You don’t have to get rid of your dog; I’m just kidding. But in all seriousness, pet shots and passports may be rather expensive, so perhaps it’s time to determine the real worth of your furry pets.


You need to start your tasks if you already know where and when you’re moving overseas. Make a list first, and then rank the items in order of importance. Parting with your dog can be tough and take time compared to other tasks. Some tasks, like booking flights, can be completed rather quickly. Being well-prepared may ensure that every component of your foreign transfer is as inexpensive as possible. There’s no rush. Always remember that comparison shopping is essential for lowering the cost of international shipping. Join the hundreds of ex-pats who have used International Van Lines’ bespoke quotation tool to assist them with their relocation if you want to make this process simpler. Visit the website now!

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