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12 Things to Leave Behind When Moving Abroad

By July 27, 2022July 31st, 2022One Comment
Things to leave behind when moving abroad

Are you ready for the big move? Moving to another country is exciting, but as you’ll soon discover, packing is not one bit of fun. You have a lot to sort through, organize, pack, and ship, but do you have to bring everything abroad? As you make your moving abroad packing list, a significant part is deciding what to bring or toss. A detailed packing checklist ensures you bring what you need and don’t pack extras that’ll only take up space, cost you more, yet are hardly essential. Let’s look at some top things to leave behind when moving abroad!

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1. Toiletries

You’ll need your toothbrush and body wash immediately after arriving. You don’t have to pack everything in your toiletries kit. Travel-sized toiletries can get you going for a few days. Packing toothpaste tubes or shampoo is not a waste of space. 

Toiletries are available virtually anywhere, with the top brands readily available in department stores and drugstores. You are likely to find your favorites everywhere; hence no need to go through the hassles of packing to bring them abroad.

2. Bedding

You love your duvet, but you are better off leaving it behind unless it holds a significant sentimental value. Sure, you may find creative ways to include it in your list, such as using the blanket, duvet, or pillow as bubble wraps. However, this doesn’t mean the package won’t be huge or heavy, costing you more to ship. 

Moreover, your bedding might not match the options you find abroad. This is more so since sizing across the countries for items like pillows and sheets are not the same, an inconvenience you can eliminate by leaving them behind. Things to leave behind when moving abroad may vary from bedding to clothes.


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3. Some clothes

Does it fit? Have you worn it in the last few months or within a year? Clothes and shoes can take up considerable space, yet some will remain in the boxes since you hardly use them. So don’t pack any that doesn’t fit. 

Moreover, it helps if you consider the weather at your destination. For example, leaving behind fluffy winter jackets and boots is recommended if it is relatively warmer around the year in your new country. You should also learn tips for packing a suitcase for moving overseas.

4. Small appliances

Your smoothie maker and other small appliances are great. However, packing them requires extra care, especially considering how easily they can break. They take a lot of time to pack securely. They might cost more than you would spend buying a new one, and an accident may happen, meaning they will hardly be usable after arrival. Leave them behind; besides the space saved, you’ll cut more worries as you ship your valuables.

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5. Cars

Consider deciding whether or not to move your car internationally. Shipping a vehicle as you move overseas can cost you a fortune. Besides the shipping expenses, it might cost you more to clear customs. Did you know that some cars are inadmissible in certain countries? Not to mention, you might move to a country with excellent public transit, where cars are rarely used at all. A car is part of the things to leave behind when moving abroad.

6. Some furniture

As you manage your packing for moving, you could be tempted to bring your unique furniture and recreate the space in your new home. However, the bulky nature of the furniture can cost you a fortune to ship. Not to mention, some of your furniture might be too old and damaged. Plus, depending on where you’re moving, some of your furniture might not even fit in the new space! Unless it is a unique piece you can never find, like an antique holding significant sentimental value, leave it behind.

7. Food

Among the exciting adventures that wait when you move overseas is the culinary experience. Don’t pack your favorite food; it will only stand in your way of experimenting with the different cuisines abroad. Moreover, the food may take a blow during shipping, which can make them go bad or ruin your valuables.

8. Unimportant paperwork

As you manage your international moving endeavors, paperwork is critical. Nonetheless, not all should make the cut. Of course, you need essential paperwork like a visa, passport, birth, and medical certificates. However, unimportant documents like canceled bank statements, leases, old tax papers, or receipts won’t add value. They might seem small, but paperwork can quickly accumulate, taking more space and adding significant weight to your luggage. Consider unimportant documents as things to leave behind when moving abroad.

9. Sports items

Packing and shipping items like kayaks, surfboards, and roller blades, to mention a few, can be overwhelming and costly. Considering the space, the required protective packing and shipping can drag your progress. It would be best to leave them behind, saving more space and from the stress of worrying they’ll be damaged in transit.

10. Some personal items

We keep many things, but we don’t need them all. Some personal items like memorabilia can take up a lot of space. Unless these items hold a special place in your heart, there’s no need to bring them along with you. Use this opportunity to declutter and leave behind some unnecessary things. 

11. Office supplies

Adopt more of a digital nomad’s lifestyle. You’ll find that packing all your office supplies, including items like stapler and electronics, can take up more space and make your load heavier. Limiting the supplies to the bare minimum, such as the laptop, can help you save space and time packing and shipping. The supplies are available worldwide, meaning you might save more if you leave them and buy new ones after arrival.

12. Common household items

Your vacuum cleaner, electric razor, hair dryers, and iron, to mention a few household items, make your life comfortable. However, bringing them abroad can be costly. They may cost you more when you realize you need to buy adaptors since the foreign outlets aren’t the same as in your home country. So leave them; it might even be time for an upgrade, ensuring you buy energy-efficient options over what you have been using for the past few years.

Bottom line

Packing for an international move can overwhelm anyone, even with the most detailed checklist. Leaving some valuables behind is hard, especially since you’ve developed an attachment. Nonetheless, it is vital as it ensures you don’t break your bank or deal with significant stress as you move overseas.

As you strive to make the process more manageable, hiring a licensed and accredited international moving company is recommended. The professionals can help you manage the moving complexities, from planning, packing, shipping, and dealing with customs, to mention a few considerations. They deliver a lot, saving you more time and money while making an international move as stress-free as possible.

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