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Best international moving companies in Los Angeles

By July 28, 2022December 12th, 20232 Comments
Best international moving companies in Los Angeles

Our choice for the top 5 international movers in Los Angeles


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Moving from Los Angeles abroad is an exciting time! However, international moving requires attention to detail, patience, and knowledge.

One minor issue can be the difference between a delay, additional charges, or a seamless moving experience. Finding the right international moving company is the key to having a positive outcome.

The good news is we’ve compiled a list of the best international moving companies in Los Angeles. As a global moving company, we know what to look for, who the best movers are, and the cost of moving abroad, which we will share in this article.

Who are the best international moving companies in Los Angeles? 

Based on years in business, consumer complaints, and cost, we’ve compiled a list of the best international moving companies in Los Angeles. We don’t receive any compensation from any of the international movers listed. Below is the list of our top-rated Los Angels 

Best International movers in Los Angeles

International Van Lines

Pros: International Van Lines is a fully licensed freight forwarder and international moving company located in Valencia and covers the greater Los Angeles area. Our international moving services range from small parcel shipments to full container load services. 

According to Forbes and US News, International Van Lines is the country’s highest-rated international mover. We offer packing services, storage services, customs clearance, and international shipping to over 140 countries. Additionally, we provide local and long-distance moves from Southern California. 

Cons: International Van Lines is popular for international moving services, so getting an international moving quote may take 24-48 hours. 

moving overseas with allied

Allied Van Lines

Pros: Allied Van Lines is one of the world’s largest international moving companies, providing customers with a full range of moving and storage services. They have Long Beach and Garden locations and cover the greater Los Angeles area. 

Their network of agents and service providers is second to none, and they offer customers a wide range of services to make their move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Allied is one of the best international moving companies in Los Angeles, CA. Additional benefits include local moves and climate-controlled storage.

Cons: Although Allied is a great international moving company, it can be costly to particular destinations. We’ve also had feedback that the quoting process can take some time. 

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines

Pros: Atlas Van Lines is a subsidiary of Atlas World Group, one of the world’s largest moving companies. The company was founded in 1948 and had been operating for over 70 years. They have locations in Downey and cover Los Angeles, CA. 

They have an extensive network of agents and partners that allows them to provide a wide variety of services to their customers globally. Atlas also has a long history of providing quality moving services to their customers, making them great Los Angeles international movers. Additional benefits include specialty items and local moves.

Cons: Atlas may be limited to international moving services and destinations. It’s always best to speak with them about what they can offer. 

North American Van Lines logo

North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines has been in business since the early nineteen hundreds making them one of the oldest van lines in the country. They have several locations in the Los Angeles area, including Long Beach, Glendale, Anaheim, and Lake Forest. 

They maintain an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and are accredited by the International Association of Movers (IAM). Whether you’re moving long-distance, need packing services, or storage services, North American can help. Additional benefits include long-distance and local moves. 

Cons: Their international moving services are known to be costly, and they do not offer direct consolidation services for smaller international moves. 

Los Angeles international moving companies

United Van Lines

United Van Lines is one of the largest moving companies in North America. They were founded in 1929 and have provided quality moving services for over 90 years. 

They are also an American Moving & Storage Association member accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The company has over 4,000 trucks and offers various international and specialty moving services. 

Cons: United Van Lines is a large moving company, so getting a quote may take several days, and costs may be high. 

Pro Tip: Us an international moving cost estimator to stay on budget.

How much do international moving companies charge in Los Angeles?


How much do international moving companies charge in Los Angeles?

The cost of hiring an international moving company from Los Angeles abroad is $2000 to $12,000. The size of your move and the destination country is the most significant cost factors. However, the international moving services you choose will also affect cost. 


***Cost average from Los Angeles abroad (door to door)***













South America












Australia/New Zealand





You can use these cost averages for planning and budgeting purposes. However, it’s always best to speak with Los Angeles international movers to get an accurate moving estimate.


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Ways to save money on your overseas move

Moving internationally can be expensive, so understanding ways to reduce your cost is essential to lower price. Below are several ways you can save money on your international move:

  • Purge: Moving to a new country is a great time to eliminate unwanted stuff. Create an inventory list of what you’re moving and consider removing items you don’t use often. You can donate them to a local charity in Los Angeles or sell them online for extra cash. 
  • Self-pack: Packing boxes can be time-consuming and backbreaking, but it can save you a few hundred bucks on your move. You can purchase packing supplies online or at any local Home Depot in Los Angeles. 
  • Service: Door-to-door shipping is the most convenient moving service, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can consider picking up from the port. 
  • Ask for a discount: The best international moving companies in Los Angeles are willing to work with their customers. Ask for a discount! It’s not guaranteed, but it’s worth a shot. 

Follow these steps, and you will be on your way to saving money on your international move!

How to choose a Los Angeles international movers

Start by researching international movers in Los Angeles before committing. First, check the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) website for license information. Then you can check online reviews and call around for some referrals. 

Los Angeles international movers must maintain licensing with the FMC. They must also have a license with the Department of Transportation (DOT) if they handle your pickup. 

You can file a complaint if you find yourself in a situation with an unlicensed company. However, the company can not be held liable for any loss, damage or delays, so it’s good to do your research. 

How do I compare international moving quotes

How do I compare international moving quotes?

The best international moving companies in Los Angeles will be comparable, give or take a thousand or so dollars. If a moving quote looks low, you may want to reconsider or ask the right questions. 

After receiving your free international moving quotes, look closely at the services included. A mover maybe has something that another one does not. Then take a look at the cubic feet or weight. It may be that a company is basing their free moving quote on a lesser volume. 

It’s vital that you look over each free international moving quote to ensure you’re not overlooking something!


What’s the payment process for an international moving company?

Most international moving companies in Los Angeles accept all forms of payment. However, you should check with the company of your choice. 

International Van Lines accepts credit cards, wire, ACH, Zelle, or cash. We require a deposit to reserve your moving date. If you choose to cancel your move, the deposit is fully refundable. 

If you proceed with your move, the deposit will be deducted from the balance. The balance of your move will be due before sailing and would need to be paid in the form of ACH or Wire. 

How long does an international move take from Los Angeles? 

The transit time of your move depends on the final destination and move size. The smaller the move, the longer it may take. Small international moves ship in a shared container, so there may be some lag time before sailing. You can use the estimated shipping time below for planning: 


Door to Door

Door to Port


25-32 days

22-27 days


27-36 days

24-30 days

South America

18-25 days

14-22 days


22-28 days

21-26 days


30-40 days

25-32 days


7-14 days

5-10 days

It’s best to speak with your international relocation company regarding shipping time frames. They can vary from company to company, but the best international moving companies can quickly provide you with the information. 

Can I ship a car from Los Angeles with an international move? 

The Port of Long Beach is one of the largest ports in the US, so shipping a vehicle out of Los Angeles is not an issue. However, you will have several service options to choose from. Below is a list of international auto transport services based on cost: 

Cheapest: If you’re shipping a car without household goods, you can consider roll-on roll-off (RORO) services. You can drop your vehicle at the Port of Long Beach, where it will be loaded onto a ship. You will then have to pick up the car at the destination port. 

Economical: Many international moving companies offer shared container services out of Los Angeles. Your vehicle is in a container with other cars shipping to the same destination. People like consolidation services because the vehicle is enclosed in a container. 

Expensive: If you have a high-end vehicle or want your car containerized, you may pay a premium. However, you can use the container to ship your vehicle and household goods. 

Most expensive: If you’re in a hurry to get your car, you can ship via air freight. However, the cost is high!

Speaking with your international relocation company about their different international moving service options is best! 


What if I only have boxes to move internationally?

If you’re shipping boxes only, you can consider using an international parcel service through FedEx or DHL. However, companies like International Van Lines can offer you a significant discount all while overseeing your shipment. 

Parcel or baggage services are only for boxes and make sense if you have 20 or fewer boxes. It’s not a standard service that international movers offer, so make sure you ask for parcel shipping services. 


How does international moving insurance work? 

If you’re moving from Los Angeles abroad, you should strongly consider international moving insurance. A professional moving company will offer you two options, a self-pack, and professional pack coverage. Below is the breakdown and average cost of insurance for international moves: 

Self-pack: If you’re packing your own boxes, you will have the option of total loss insurance. However, it will only cover the complete loss of your move based on the declared value. 

Professional pack: If you hire a moving company to pack your household goods, you can get all-risk insurance. All-risk insurance is full replacement coverage based on the declared value. 

If you opt-out of insurance, you will default to limited coverage, which is 60 cents per lbs per item. If you’re looking for a stress-free experience, you should consider buying additional coverage. 

International commercial relocations

Do Los Angeles international movers offer commercial relocation services? 

Commercial relocation is a move that involves relocating businesses and their employees. It can be complex and requires careful planning to ensure a smooth transition. The best international moving companies offer commercial relocation services.

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning a commercial relocation:

1. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to plan the move. It will help ensure that everything goes smoothly and you won’t encounter any unexpected problems.

2. Hire a professional moving company that has experience with international commercial relocations. They will be able to handle all the logistics involved in the move and ensure that your business is relocated safely and efficiently.

3. Plan how your business will operate during the relocation process. It includes how you will communicate with customers and clients, ship products and inventory, and handle employee productivity during the move.

4. Have a budget in mind for the relocation. It will help you to determine what services you need from a moving company and how much you can afford to spend on the move itself.

Following these tips will help to ensure that your commercial relocation goes smoothly and is as stress-free as possible.


How to find international moving companies near me

There are plenty of great international moving companies in the Los Angeles area. However, some may not provide service to your destination country or may not have availability. If you’re looking for international moving companies near me, you should follow these steps: 

Google Search is the most used tool to find a local business. However, consider years in business and company size rather than looking at moving reviews. A large moving company may have more complaints than a newer company. It doesn’t make them bad. 

Licensing: Always look for a fully licensed international moving company. They should have a license with the Federal Maritime Commission and the Transportation Department. You can also check the Better business bureau for ratings. 

Visual or virtual tour: If you’re moving out of Los Angeles with household goods, you should request a visual or virtual tour for accuracy. If a mover denies you a survey, you should move on. 

Go with your gut: Moving to a new country requires knowledge and patience. If you feel that a local moving company in Los Angeles is pressuring you, move on. 

Follow these steps, and you will be on your way to a smooth relocation experience!

Questions people asked: 

Who’s the best international moving company from Los Angeles to Europe? 

International Van Lines offers weekly consolidation service from Long Beach Port to 130 countries. We also provide full container load and air freight services. 

What questions should I ask my international mover? 

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. What’s your payment process? 
  3. Do you offer visual or virtual surveys?  
  4. What’s the quoting process? 
  5. Are there any hidden fees
  6. Do you clear customs? 
  7. How long will my move take? 
  8. Are you fully licensed and bonded?

Is it worth self-packing my boxes? 

If you have a small move, then it may be worth getting your own boxes and self-packing. However, if you’re in a hurry or have a bad back, you should consider letting a professional moving company pack for you. 

Who offers the best international moving services for small moves? 

International Van Lines offers shared container and consolidation services from Los Angeles abroad. 

Who are the best moving companies to New Zealand?

International Van Lines and Allied Van Lines have a lot of experience moving from Los Angeles to New Zealand. However, other moving companies like North American Van Lines are also a great choice. 

What happens if my items get damaged? 

You will have to go through a claims process which can take several weeks. You will get 60 cents per lbs per article if you don’t have insurance. 

How do I get a free moving quote? 

You can fill out an online form or call an international moving company. It should be a 10 to 20 min conversation before they can provide a free international moving quote.


With the proper research and planning, you can have a great experience. Remember that international moving is not like a long-distance move. A company must have knowledge and experience with ocean freight transportation. They should also understand the customs process. 

If you’re looking for a free international moving quote, you can fill out one of our online forms or contact us to speak with a professional relocation coordinator. We wish you the best of luck with your new and exciting venture. 

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