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International Moving

Moving from NY to London

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Moving from NY to London

Household Goods Moving from NY to London

Moving from NY to London has never been easier. International Van Lines is now offering a weekly consolidation and container service from NY to London. IVL is a lisenced freight forwarder and international moving company that services over 180 countries globally. Additionally, IVL maintains one of the best reputations in the moving industry., Forbes, and USA Today rank IVL as the number one choice for international movers. INC. magazine also featured IVL as one of America’s best places to work. Below is some information that will help you along the way.

Tips on moving from New York to London

New York to London

Consolidation Shipping (Smaller Moves)

We’re a moving company and a freight forwarder. Our ocean freight service consists of smaller shipments and container service. Consolidation is done at our New York location, where we group smaller deliveries into a container heading to London. If you’re moving a one-bedroom apartment or a few pieces of furniture, it will be the least expensive route. Unlike most movers, we offer a direct service. We have containers that sail weekly and can get your goods door to door with no suprise charges. Below is sample pricing that you can use to gauge the cost of moving from NY to London.

Consolidation Rates (NY to London)

Cubic Feet Pickup/Trucking Ocean Freight/Delivery/Customs
100 $250 $1100
200 $350 $1500
300 $475 $2000
400 $600 $3500
500 $675 $3900

*** These rates are subject to change based on the time of year and commodity. Pick up charges are based on a curbside pickup only. IVL offers full packing and loading if needed It’s always best to speak with a relocation coordinator to get an accurate quote for your move to London***

Container service from NY to London

Ocean Freight Container Service

Ship a container from NY to London

International Van Lines offers weekly container service from NY to London. Containers are generally used to ship a full household and a car. The container sizes vary from a standard 20′ to a 40′ or 40′ HC container.

Additionally, pricing will vary based on the container sizes and services required. IVL offers full packing & loading, or you can pack and load the container yourself. Our services include door to door, door to port, port to door, or port to port. You can pick the services based on your budget and time. The transit times for ocean freight are generally 30 days door to door but can vary. It’s also best to speak with a professional relocation consultant.

FCL (Full Container Load)

Container Size Pickup/Loading/Ocean Freight Customs/Delivery
20′ $3000 $1500
40′ $4000 $1800
40′ HC $4500 $1900

***Rates listed are subject to change based on what you’re moving and the services required. It’s best you speak with a relocation coordinator to get an accurate quote***

Air freight from NY to London

Air Freight From NY to London

Air Freight Services

Airfreight is the best way to get your household goods to its destination fast. However, it’s also the most expensive way to transport your household goods. If you’re in a hurry and not budget-conscious, then air transport is for you. We offer baggage service for smaller shipment, or we can palletize and ship your household goods via air freight. Unlike ocean freight, air freight is based on the weight and size of your move.

Similar to ocean freight, we can offer a port to port or full door to door service.

Auto Transport from NY to London

Auto Transport NY to London

Auto Transport

If you’re moving a car from NY to London, we can help. There are several options you can choose from. The first and most common way to get your car there is called roll on roll off service. It’s a straightforward process with minimal downside. You would be responsible for driving your vehicle to the port in NY and picking up in London. Your automobile would be placed on a RORO ship and will be exposed to the elements.

The second option is consolidation container service. Your auto would be placed into a container with other vehicles going to the same destination. Although slightly more expensive than RORO service, your car will be containerized. It may also take longer to get to your final destination.

The last option is an exclusive container. You would get your own box for your vehicle and no one else’s. However, it will be the most costly our of the three. If you have any questions about shipping your car from NY to London, give us a call.

The Bottom Line

Moving from NY to London is easy. You will have many options, so it’s always best you speak with a professional that can offer you different shipping options and direction. We feel that a full door to door for household goods is the most comprehensive. It will include all charges, and everything will be handled for you.

Additionally, all customs documentation will be filled out on your behalf. Whatever you decide, we’re here to help. We’ve been handing overseas moving for 20 years and maintain one of the best reputations in the moving industry. We wish you the best of luck with your move and look forward to speaking with you soon.