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Moving in Winter

By November 30, 2016No Comments
moving in winter

Moving during a cold and white winter might be quite difficult. If it is a cross-country move, it might get tougher!

If you must undergo a winter move, you should consider the following options:

Winter can be of many types. There can be no snow, no biting ice-cold wind, no ice-clad road, no extreme or sub-zero temperature, and no blizzard of any kind. In such conditions, a winter move can be as smooth as a summer move. A self-move can be easily planned and executed if the winter is such.

A self-move would include (a) packing up the entire house by yourself, with the help of your friends and family, (b) hiring a moving vehicle of the appropriate capacity from a renowned vehicle rental company, (c) securing and loading the packed moving cartons, the well-protected pieces, and the wrapped-up furniture that you would take in the moving truck, and (d) finally driving the rental vehicle with utmost safety to the new home. Moving can be easy if the winter conditions are mild.

However, winter weather would not care about your scheduled moving date. If the weather forecast is such that your planned relocation date falls in the midst of harsh wintry conditions, you must seek help from renowned professional movers. Professional moving companies have profound experience about moves during final cold weather.

Winter Moving is Economical:

A winter move is cheaper as the professional movers offer unbeatable prices. Winter is usually known as the “off-peak season” and most reputed moving companies lower their usual moving rates considerably. Their purpose, of course, is to secure sufficient relocation contracts so that they can stay afloat till the beginning of the next peak season for moving. Almost 30% off the standard moving rates is quite a tempting reason to move during the winter months.

You have the negotiating power if you are planning a winter move. All moving companies need customers during the off-season winter months. You can end up winning a wider range of services, extra discounts, and free-of-cost packing materials, besides various other advantages.

Another benefit of hiring a professional mover during the winter months is that you get highly experienced movers for the move. The demand for experienced moving professionals reaches the peak during summer, as that is the season when most people prefer and plan to move, and moving companies are often compelled to hire inefficient workers just to complete the rush of summer moving contracts.

Winter Moving must be safe:

Your biggest priority during a winter move should be safety. Keep the major walkways free of ice and snow. Also, keep the home you are leaving clean and safe. You must remember to keep your own vehicle totally ready for the winter move. You must have the vehicle serviced a week before moving day.

Pack every possession with utmost care:

Temperatures inside the non-climate-controlled moving vehicles can turn extremely low, thus endangering the well-being of the fragile and sensitive possessions while those are on the move. This is why packing your possessions for a winter move need special and extreme care.

Plan your winter move with extreme caution, taking into consideration the darker and shorter winter days.

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