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National Moving Company Services

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National Moving Company Services

Find a Complete List of National Moving Company Services

National moving company services slightly vary. However, generally speaking, they’re very similar. 

A national moving company offers moving services from state to state. Unlike local moving, interstate moving requires licensing by the FMCSA and a DOT number. 

Before considering an out-of-state mover, make sure you check all listening at the SAFER website. You will find license information along with complaint history. 

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1.Can a National Mover Pack for me?

Yes, national moving company services can include packing. However, it’s optional. Self-packing is a standard method for a lot of people.

 It will save you money, and some feel more comfortable packing on their own. After all, moving is expensive, so putting in a little work may help.

With that said, there are also benefits to having a professional pack. First, packing is labor-intensive, so having movers do it will save you time and back pain. Second, self-packing can limit your insurance options. 

It’s always best to make a pros and cons list before making a decision. Time has a value on it, so you may want to consider it. 

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2.Do they Disassemble and reassemble Furniture?

Yes, the national moving company service will include both disassemble and reassemble. However, it’s always best to speak with the mover to confirm. 

Labor is included in standard moving rates. In fact, there is no additional charge for disassembling and reassembling furniture. 

However, since many out-of-state movers have different policies and procedures, it’s always best to ask. 

Furthermore, it would help if you also inquired about hard to assemble furniture like IKEA stuff. If you have complicated pieces that are time-consuming, there may be an additional charge. 

Things like trampolines, pool tables, and gym equipment are not standard, so additional charges may apply.

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4.Can National Moving Companies offer Storage?

Yes, almost all national moving companies offer storage options. The two options are long-term or short-term storage. 

Long-term storage is typically stored at the place of origin. Shorter-term storage can be held at the destination. 

Temperature-controlled storage is offered by some but not all movers. If you’re going into long-term storage, you may want to ask about it. 

Storage rates vary but can range between 50 and 75 cents per cubic foot per month. We also offer one month free so inquire about that as well. 


5.Do Movers offer Insurance? 

Yes, national moving company services can include Insurance. However, not all companies automatically have it in the cost. 

Moving insurance is mainly done through third parties such as Bakers Insurance or

Insurance can be costly and will be based on the weight and size of your move unless you request additional insurance. 

6.Are Movers Drug Tested and Background checked?

The short answer is yes. However, it’s always best to ask the national moving company you’re speaking with. Here at International Van Lines, all movers are drug tested, background checked, and trained quarterly. 

Not all moving companies follow the same protocol, so make sure you ask. After all, if you’re going to have a group of men and women in your house, you want to feel comfortable. 

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7.Do National Movers remove debris after a move?

No, debris removal is a specialty service that can be offered upon request. Therefore, it will most likely be an additional charge. 

Once a move is completed, the customer’s responsibility is to clean up their box and remove any debris left over from the move. 

Some people will stack the boxes, make a Facebook post and give them to whoever needs them. 

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8.Do National Moving Companies offer Crating?

National moving company services can include crating. In fact, most moving companies will not move a piano, pool table, and specific pieces of art unless crated. 

Crating charges are based on the item. For example, a grand piano can cost $2500 for crating, whereas a painting $150. 

If you have any fragile or high-value items, you will want to discuss them with the moving company of your choice. 

It’s also essential to discuss values. 

9.Can a Moving Company Transport a Vehicle?

Yes, most moving companies offer auto transport. Transport is done through a third party, and will not be on the same truck as your household goods.

The same thing will go for a motorcycle. 

It’s not safe for the driver, and there is a high risk that you will have damage.  

10.Is a National Moving Company and Moving Broker the Same?

No, a national moving company will be the one performing your move. At the same time, a moving broker will farm it out to a third party. 

Moving brokers don’t assume any responsibility if there is a delay or damage. You would file a claim with the mover.

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