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Top 10 National Moving Companies

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Top 10 companies that offer national moving

Find the Top 10 National Moving Companies 

If you’re searching for the top 10 national moving companies, you’ve come to the right place. The information provided is based on research and all of the companies listed have been vetted.

Furthermore, most third-party moving-related websites also rate these companies very high. If you’re planning a move, any of these top 10 national moving companies would be a good choice.

Also, You will find license information, years in business, complaint history, and services offered. 

The list below is not in any specific order, and they’re all quality national moving companies that we would recommend. However, we would always advise that you do your own research as well. 

 Top National Moving Companies Average Rating Year Established
1 International Van Lines 4.8 Stars 2000
2 Mayflower 4.7 Stars 1927
3 Allied Van Lines 4.7 Stars 1928
4 Gentle Giant Moving Company 4.8 Stars 1980
5 Atlas Van Lines 4.5 Stars 1948
6 United Van Lines 4.5 Stars 1927
7 Suddath Relocation 4.2 Stars 1919
8 National Van Lines 4.1 Stars 1929
9 ABF U-Pack 4.2 Stars 1997
10 Wheaton World Wide Moving 4.3 Stars 1891

1.International Van Lines 

Established in 2000, IVL is one of the most recognized names in moving. However, IVL is not one of the larger national moving companies. 

International Van Lines employs over 200 people, handles around 20,000 moves per year, and is rated the best national moving company by Newsweek and Forbes.

International Van Lines is a lisenced carrier that also maintains a broker lisenced.

All moves are performed in-house unless we need a truck or it’s a destination with limited reach. Undoubtedly, IVL has one of the best reputations in the moving industry. 

Apart from national moving services, IVL also handles international logistics for some of the world’s leading brands.

Getting a quote from IVL is easy. You can request a virtual, visual, or phone estimate, which takes minutes. 

License information is as follows. USDOT – 2293832



Mayflower is a household name that has been in business since 1927. Therefore, they are one of the oldest and most recognized names for out-of-state moving.

For this reason, they’re amongst the top 10 national moving companies, and for a good reason. 

Mayflower offers long-distance, international and local moving. They have perfected an excellent system and maintain a great reputation. 

They’re a national moving company that can get your household goods where it needs to go. 

Their license information is as follows. USDOT – 125563

Top 10 national moving companies

3.Allied Van Lines

Everyone knows their orange trucks. Allied Van Lines has been around since 1928, making them one of the oldest and long-lasting companies in the world. 

They’re on the top 10 national moving companies list for obvious reasons. Their quality of service, years in business, and complaint ratio are amongst the best. 

Allied Van Lines is part of SIRVA and also offers specialty services like logistics and international moving. 

Their license information is as follows. USDOT- 076235

4.Gentle Giant Moving Company 

Gentle Giant’s headquarters are in Boston. However, they have national offices and provide top-quality service. 

In addition, They’ve earned prestigious awards for quality and customer service and easily top 10 national moving companies. 

They provide local, long-distance, and storage. You can almost guarantee that your experience with Gentle Giant will be good. 

Their license information is as follows. USDOT- 373544


Atlas Van Lines is a top 10 national moving company

5.Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines is another primary van line that’s been around for a while. Established in 1948, it makes them one of the oldest standing companies in the world. 

Therefore, they offer a wide range of services from local to international moving. Atlas also offers warehousing and logistics. They are one of the best and easily make the top 10 national moving companies list. 

Getting a moving quote from Atlas is easy. They offer visual and virtual surveys and have an excellent system, which almost always ensures a positive experience. However, it’s always suggested that you create a list of what you’re moving ahead of time. 

Atlas also offers discounts for AAA cardholders. 

Their license information is as follows. USDOT- 125550

6.United Van Lines 

United Van Lines and Mayflower are part of the same group and offer the same excellent service. In addition, they are one of the largest and oldest companies globally, United Van Lines is an excellent choice for out of state or local moving. 

United Van Lines is a global company with offices worldwide. They offer top-notch moving services to the military and government personal. 

They’re possibly number one in the top 10 national moving companies list. 

Their license information is as follows. USDOT – 077949

Find discounts for national moving companies

7.Suddath Relocation 

Suddath is an agent for United Van Lines. However, they’re one of the largest agents and moving companies in the United States. 

They’re responsible for moving a large percentage of the men and women in the military. Therefore, they offer long-distance, local, international as well as logistics services. 

They have locations nationwide and are top 10 national moving companies, according to us. 

You won’t be disappointed if moving with Suddath. 

Their license information is as follows. USDOT- 29609

8.National Van Lines

National Van Lines is another extensive van line made up of agents. Their agent base ranges across the United States. In addition, NVL has been around for years.

Like the others, NVL is a national moving company. However, they offer long-distance and local moving services. 

It’s been said that National Van Lines is one of the best agencies to work for. They offer excellent compensation to their agents and movers alike. 

You can’t go wrong with NVL. 

Their license information is as follows. USDOT- 76628

Best National Moving Company

9.ABF U-Pack

ABF U-Pack is made up of a whopping 3,848 trucks. However, they offer a do-it-yourself service. Despite having to do some work their services are very popular.

ABF will drop off pod-style boxes for you to pack. In theory, it sounds great! However, you would be responsible for all the labor, so you have to consider your options. 

Alternatively, many people chose ABF because they feel they will have more control over the outcome. 

Their pricing varies and can be more expensive than a national moving company, but it’s always good to compare. 

10.Wheaton World Wide Moving

Wheaton World Wide Moving offers moving & storage services nationally. With over 250 agents, they can cover the continental United States. 

Wheaton is also a great company that made the top 10 national moving companies list. 

They handle military, government, and personal moves. You can rest assure that Wheaton will provide top-notch moving services. Although Wheaton is a large moving company they offer very competitive pricing.

Getting a moving quote is simple. Give them a call, and they will set up an in-home survey for you. 

Their license information is as follows. USDOT – 70719

Top 10 National Moving Companies – The Bottom Lines

The bottom line is you can’t go wrong with any national moving company on our list. 

Each company has a proven track record of providing quality service. Additionally, all companies are trusted by the military and government alike. 

You should always compare up to three moving quotes before making a decision. You should go with your gut and chose who you feel most comfortable with. Therefore, you should do some basic research before making the call.

National moving can be stressful, so the idea is to find a mover who will walk you through the process. 

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