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Prepare Your Kids for a Long Distance Move

By February 13, 2019September 5th, 2022No Comments
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Prepare Your Kids for a Long Distance Move

Moving long distance can be very stressful on a family, especially the kids. Going through all the tasks of a move, such as decluttering, finding a moving company, packing and adjusting to a new community can put stress on the most serene person. When you’re an adult this can all seem overwhelming, and even more so for your children. Normally kids don’t really understand what’s going on, and managing their behavior during a move can add to your stress. Below are some helpful tips that you can use to prepare your kids for a long distance move.

Learn about your new community

Once you’ve narrowed down your new destination, take time to learn about the area. Do some research on the neighborhood and some of the local businesses. Also look into the lifestyle of the locals that live there, especially among the kids. The more knowledge you have about your new community the better you can relay this information to your kids. Your kids will feel less scared if you convey this information properly.

Check out their new school

Before you make the move go visit your child’s new school, and bring them with you. It will help them feel more comfortable and get adjusted easier if they can get a good sense of what to expect vs. them just showing up for the first day of school. It can also possibly help your kids make new friends which is also very comforting. You should also scout for childcare or preschools in the area.

Bring your kids to the new home

One major reason why a child may look at a move negatively is because they think they may lose some of their possessions. Make your kids feel at ease by letting them know that you will be bringing all of their toys and clothes to the new home. Aside from the new home you can take them to nearby establishments in the area. If they see some recognizable stores or establishments this may get them excited. Just like adult, kids want familiarity.

Get your kids involved in the process

You don’t want to have your kids feel left out when making a move. Although you plan on hiring a moving company it’s still good to get your kids involved and have them help, even if that means packing up some of their own toys. The idea is to make the moving process as fun as possible for your kids. You can have them clean their rooms and pack some of their items. This will help the kids prepare for what’s about to happen.

Their Feelings

Regardless of how short or long you’ve been staying in your current house, your kids probably have fond memories. This neighborhood might be where they first learned how to ride a bike or meet their best friends. If your kids are sad because of the move, let them. Validate their feelings and always be there for them when they need a friend. As a parent or guardian, reassure them that they can still make a lot of new friends from the new area and they can continually communicate with the old ones. Let them feel that none of their friends will be left behind

These are just some tips on how to prepare your kids for a long distance move. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact us at anytime.