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What is a binding estimate

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What is a binding estimate?

There are two types of estimates when it comes to long-distance moving. There will be an option for a binding or non-binding estimate. A binding estimate binds the mover to the price they’ve quoted you. However, it’s very important to understand that a binding estimate only pertains to the services and articles listed on the quote. To be clear, a binding estimate is not a price guarantee. The word binding means that as long as everything remains the same you will not be charged additional. Whether you’re getting a quote based on cubic feet or weight you will end up paying more if your article list exceeds what’s listed on the quote (cube sheet).

What is a binding estimatePossible Additional Charges when moving

When getting a quote from a moving company it’s important to be as detailed as possible. Some of the questions we will ask are as follows. What are you moving? Will you have easy access for a semi at both locations? Will you need packing supplies? Will there be any flights of stairs or elevators? Can we park the truck by the front door of either residence? These questions will help us determine how to price your move accurately. Please understand that we’re a business just like any other and these additional services come with expenses to us, therefore we will have to charge them. Most people are not to happy or feel as if they got scammed when having to pay additional charges, but please understand that if we don’t have the proper information we can’t be 100% effective in arranging your move.

Your item list/additional charges

So to recap: What is a binding estimate? A binding estimate is only as good as the accuracy of your quote. One of our reps will go over a detailed article list with you. The article list can be changed at any point and time before the pick up date. On moving day the movers will pay very close attention to reconciling what you show the movers you want them to move and the articles on the quote (table of measurements). The only articles allowed on the truck on those on the table of measurements, however if you want to bring more items you have that option at an additional cost.


How to get an accurate quote

There are a couple of ways you can chose to get a binding estimate from a moving company. The first is by placing a simple phone call and the second is an in-home estimate. Either way it’s important to provide your rep with as much information as possible. Example; If you chose to self pack your good make sure you can handle the task. If the movers show up and packing is required you will pay additional for that. If you go out and buy furniture without letting us know you will be charged for that. Also check both locations for truck access. Our reps will walk you through the details and ask the right questions.

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