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Moving in After Marriage

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Relocating to a New home after marriage

What You Need to Know Before Moving in Together After Marriage

Marriage is the first step to building a life together. While some couples move in together before marriage, most tend to take that leap following the nuptials. 

family relocating

Weddings mark a brand new chapter in the lives of the couple, and if you’re planning on moving in together, relocating to a new city, or taking a voyage to make a mark on international fronts, there are a lot of considerations that need to be at the forefront of your mind. 

In this article, we look at what every couple needs to know before making that move. 

Budget and cost factor

When you are planning a wedding, there is already a lot of cost attached to the process. Even if you are pooling money in with others, the cost is astronomical. You need to factor in the time of year you’re getting married, the venue options, attire, guests, food and so many other expenses.

moving in after marriage

When it comes down to it, it might cost close to a solid downpayment for a house. Considering that, you need to consider the financial situation you will be in if you choose to move to a new area following the wedding. 

For example, If you live in and get married in your hometown of Temecula in California, and are planning to move to Sarasota in Florida – then there are several factors that you need to make provisions for. This includes the cost of the home, insurance, moving fees, and other miscellaneous costs that might crop up. It is imperative that you are adequately prepared so that you aren’t stuck in an unknown place without a contingency plan. 

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Who are you moving in with

While you are moving in with your partner, it is not always the case that you are moving in with just them. In some instances, following the marriage, the couple may move in with the family of either spouse or into a family home. Either way, there are changes that you need to make. You will be required to downsize your belongings in order to fit in a shared home and be expected to consider the thoughts and feelings of others before making any changes to the home in the future. 

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Where are you moving to

family movingYou may decide to start afresh in a new city or country, or you may be moving to a home that is suitable for two people starting out their lives together. You may even be planning for the future at this point and moving to a home that is suitable for starting a family.

Despite where you are moving to, you need to have an idea if you plan on making any renovations, and when you are aiming to make these renovations. You also need to read up on property laws and regulations of the area you are deciding to relocate to. 

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New home assessments after Marriage

When you are checking out your new home, you need to make sure that it is conducive to your growth as a family. Consider how close your new home would be to necessary amenities if you can travel to and from work with ease, and how this can affect your cost of living. 

It would also be helpful to check risk assessments for natural disasters in the area you will be living in, as it can help you take measures to prepare and what insurance options to look into for your home and belongings. 

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The importance of planning your move

One of the ways to make a stress-free move is to be prepared before you even begin. If you have a binder for your wedding plans, you can apply the way forward with relocating. 

In your binder, you should have a timeline of the move, a checklist for all the things you need to do for the move, an inventory list of what you are taking with you, a budget that you need to try your best to stick to, legal documentation, and lastly, contact information of the personnel you are dealing with.

This folder makes all your important information easily accessible to you, if you need to refer to something urgently, it is all in one place for you to check.

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Creating your timeline and checklist

moving timeline

Once you found your dream property and the documentation has been approved, you need to create your comprehensive timeline for your move. 

In your timeline, you should have the date when your property is available to move in; when the lease of your current accommodation ends; and when your wedding is taking place. These three dates are integral to your plans and can dictate how seamlessly your move will take place without clashing with each other. 

You can note when you should start packing; when to hire the movers; when to purchase equipment for the move; and when you can ideally start unpacking. 

Your checklist is based on your timeline, and once each task is completed you can cross it off.

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The importance of an inventory

Having an inventory is important for you to keep track of all your belongings. You can create your inventory as you are packing up for the move and refer to it when you’re unpacking. It will help you identify any missing items, and where you can possibly locate them during the upheaval. 

Your inventory should include general items like clothes, crockery, and other general items. But you also need to list more expensive items like your electronics, furniture, your safe, and where you have stored any personal important documents. 

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What to do with excess belongings

Considering that you will be moving in with someone else, as well as relocating to a new city, it would be a crucial step to downsize your belongings. In addition to this, the more things you take with you, the more it may cost you to move and store them. 

When you are packing your items, keep aside anything you no longer have a use for. These can be packed separately and donated to charity organizations that can make use of them. If they are items of greater value or can’t be donated, you can have a garage sale or list them online to be sold. 

The latter option is a great method as you will be able to earn some money from getting rid of your excess. This money can be funneled into your wedding and moving plans. 

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Choosing the right mover

best international movers fort worth texas

Choosing the right mover for your belongings is a lot like choosing the right vendors for your wedding services. You need to have criteria that they need to satisfy and be available for the dates you need to move your belongings.

To find the right one, peruse local movers who are able to courier your items to your destination, find out the volume of items they can move in one trip, and of course the cost of their services. Be sure to look up the ratings and customer service reviews of the provider you want to choose. 

Some movers also supply packaging materials like stretch wrap for bigger items that need to be moved, like furniture. It is also a good practice to check if the moving company you decide on has a storage unit in the area you are moving to, in the event that you encounter a few hiccups in your move and need to temporarily store your belongings. 

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Delays in your move

In a perfect world, everything we plan goes on without a hitch and there would be no need for contingencies. However, mishaps happen. In the event that your house isn’t inhabitable for any reason after your, you would need to have a backup plan for your belongings and yourself before moving in after marriage.

Storage options

If this occurs and your moving company does not have a storage facility in the area you are locating, you need to research storage units near your new home. Like with the mover, you need to know the capacity of the temporary units, the cost of renting one or multiple, and how long you can use it for. 

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Temporary places to stay

After having a picture-perfect wedding at a winery or mountain it will be difficult to go back to the drawing board and overcome another hurdle.

You now need to find where you can stay until your home is ready for you to move in.

moving in after new marriage

If there is no family or friends nearby who can allow you both to stay for a short period of time, you need to look into hotels, motels, bed and breakfast accommodations, as well as self-catering accommodations.

It needs to be a space with seamless checking-out features, so you can be on the move as soon as you get the go-ahead to move into your new house. 

Time to move in after Marriage

Once the dust settles, you will be able to move into your new home and look forward to your new life with your partner.

There will be a lot of compromises that need to be made now that you’re living with your significant other. A marriage is about building a new life together, and a new home is a great way to do that. 

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