Top Rated Moving Companies:

International Van Lines is one of America’s top rated moving companies. IVL has been ranked by Consumer Report, Consumer Advocate and as one of the top 3 moving companies to chose for a long distance or international move. Since IVL’s inception back in 2000 they’re become one of America’s fastest growing companies according to INC500/500. They’ve also been features in the USA Today and Sun Sentinel. So if you’re in search of top rated moving companies IVL would be a quality option.

International Van Lines handles over 10,000 moves a year. Their moves vary from long distance to international moving, but they’re not limited to those 2 types of services. IVL is also a logistics company and offers both domestic and international shipping services to some of the worlds largest corporations. The good news is IVL’s pricing is very reasonable and they have global reach, meaning they can basically move anything from and to anywhere worldwide. IVL is one of America’s top rated moving companies.

Please understand that although International Van Lines is among the top rated moving companies there are always issues that can arise. It’s very important to communicate well with your relocation coordinator so you can discuss the fine details of your move and your specific needs.

How a move can go wrong:

The biggest complaint in the moving industry is over charges. Now don’t get me wrong, there are companies out there that will literally try and rip you off, however, a large part of paying more then what you were quoted is communications. I will give you and example; let’s say a moving company send someone to your house for a visual survey or does a phone estimate and gathers your list. If on the day of the move you added items without telling the coordinator you will most likely be charged for that. Moving quotes go by weight or volume and the more you have the more you will pay, it’s that simple. First and foremost make sure you’re dealing with top rated moving companies only and they will walk you through the process to make sure you’re getting an accurate quote. If you have any questions about about a quote or would like to speak with a relocation specialist please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Keep in mind:

Just because a moving company has some complaints here and there it does not make them a bad company. If a moving company handles thousands of moves each year it’s inevitable that they will get some complaints from time to time. A couple of thing you can check is how many years a company has been in business, how many moves do they do and how well to they handle the complaints they get. The good news is the majority of moving companies are good companies, however, there are companies that will intentionally scam you. Make sure you do not get quotes from lead generation websites. Do your own research and seek out a company of your choice.

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