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Packing Tips

Where to buy moving boxes

By April 25, 2019September 16th, 2022No Comments
where to buy moving boxes


Whether you’re moving locally or overseas moving can be an expensive luxury. In this article, we will provide some tips on where to buy moving boxes cheap, and how to save money on your move. Most moving companies offer professional packing services. However, self-packing is a great way to lighten the cost and ensure you get it done right. If you’re planning a move, we suggest creating an inventory list while you pack. It will ensure that you stay organized. Below are our top 5 choices on where to buy moving packing supplies. Also, check out our moving checklist to help you prepare for your move.

Buy boxes from uhual1.UHAUL

Uhual is a great option for moving boxes. You can buy supplies at a local store or have them shipped for free. They also offer a worry-free buyback guarantee so if you don’t end up using the boxes they will credit you for whatever you don’t use. Their prices are also very reasonable. There are thousands of Uhual locations nationwide so chances are you have one in the city you reside in. They’re a great option on where to buy moving boxes.

2.HOME DEPOTBuy packing supplies for your move

Home Depot is another great option on where to buy moving boxes. They offer a wide variety of packing supplies and prices are reasonable. They have an option to purchase the moving boxes from their website and pick up at a local Home Depot location. There are hundreds of locations so chances are you have one locally. Home Depot has an entire section dedicated to moving so you will find what you need. They have everything from wardrobe boxes to bubble wrap.


Most people aren’t aware that Amazon sells moving boxes among other supplies related to moving. As we all know, Amazon is very convenient, and you can scout the most affordable sellers. Amazon sells everything from moving boxes to dollies. If you’re planning a move, we would suggest that you start packing at least one month before the pick-up date. It will help relieve some stress and help you stay organized. They’re a great option on where to buy moving boxes.


Walmart sells moving boxes among thousands of other things that can help your move process. They offer 2-day shipping, or you can pick up at a local Walmart. You may also be able to get some free moving boxes from Walmart. Next time you go speak with the manager and find out when they throw away excess packing material. They will give them to you for free if you’re there at the right time. Walmart is an excellent option for where to buy boxes.

International Vanlines5.INTERNATIONAL VAN LINES

We offer professional packing, but if you’re self-packing you can purchase moving boxes from our website. Our prices are affordable and we can ship overnight. If you have any questions or need any assistance with what to buy just call your relocation coordinator.