International Van Lines is dedicated to providing the best possible moving experience to our customers. While we cannot guarantee any specific ideal situation related to your move, our company and employees use our knowledge, experience and diligence to strive for customer satisfaction and for your optimal moving experience.

As such, you can expect the following:

Standards of Performance

WE GUARANTEE a strict level of performance when you retain our services. Expect a high level of professionalism, experience and industry knowledge from our company and crew.

Consultation – Each customer will receive a clear and concise explanation of moving services available and assistance in selecting services that best meet your needs.

Estimating/Surveying – Each customer will receive a comprehensive assessment of their belongings. The assessment will be used to provide an accurate, written estimate that identifies the costs and services necessary to complete your move.

Coordination – Customers will be contacted throughout the move with the purpose of coordinating the move details. You will be informed of changes, updated about the move’s progress and if questions arise; our team will answer them to the best of our ability.

Packing – Customers will receive packing services by skilled and uniformed packing crews. Crews will arrive as scheduled to professional pack the customers belongings and label the boxes so that you can easily unpack and organize your new home.

Loading – Customers will receive loading services by a skilled and uniformed driver and crew. The driver and crew will arrive as scheduled when possible to accurately inventory your belongings and take measures to protect the home and belongings throughout the loading process.

Safety – Customers will have their belongings transported by a skilled uniformed driver whom will abide by federal safety regulations and Van Line Policies.

Delivery – Customers will receive delivery services by a skilled uniformed driver and crew. The driver and crew will arrive as scheduled when possible and give customers the opportunity to confirm the receipt and condition of your belongings. They will take measures to protect your home and belongings throughout the delivery process.

Claims Processing – Accidents can happen. In the event of a claim, customers will experience a settlement process that is straight forward and easy to understand. The process will be explained and a timely resolution provided.

Compliance Measures – Customers have the right to expect that all Van Line representatives will act professional and abide by Van Line compliance polices.

Our Appreciation

We appreciate your business and value you as a customer. As a token of our appreciation, please ask our representatives about our weekly promotions.

Please call (855) 674-7447 to receive your free estimate.

Although we strive for perfection, no company or persona is perfect. If you feel that we have feel short of our obligations, we will do our best to remedy the situation. We are always looking to improve and your insight can help us improve the process for others. We thank your for choosing and trusting International Van Lines with your move!