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Cost of Hiring Movers from NY to Toronto

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The Cost of Hiring Movers from NY to Toronto

Moving to Toronto has become a popular route over the past few years. 

The bottom line is that Canada, in general, is a charming place to live. It’s named the most “civil and civilized city globally, per The National Geographic

According to, Toronto is home to over 8,100 restaurants and bars, representing 6.5% of all of the businesses in the city. It’s also a significant tourist destination bringing in over 40 million visitors annually with a spend of 7.2 billion during their stays. 

The cost of hiring movers from NY to Toronto will vary based on several factors. However, this article will give you the cost breakdown and good information to find movers and save money. 

What’s the cost for hiring movers from NY to Toronto? 

Quick Answer: The average cost of hiring movers from NY to Toronto is $4400 to $7000. The most significant factor in a moving estimate is the weight or volume of your move. However, the time of year, the services you request, and the choice of mover can affect your cost.

Moving is the perfect time to get rid of unwanted or unused items. Go room by room, create a list of what you can live without, and consider selling or donating those items. There are dozens of non-profit organizations like Goodwill that will pick up your unwanted stuff for free. 

Additionally, you will want to spend some time and research the right company for you. Moving from NY to Toronto is different from domestic, so look for quality international moving companies. You will also want to request an on-site or virtual tour. 

2000-3000lbs1-2 Bedroom

$ 3500-5600

All in Door to Door

5000-7000lbs2-3 Bedroom

$ 4500-7500

All inDoor to Door

8000-10000lbs3-4 Bedroom

$ 8000-9500

All inDoor to Door

1100-15000lbs4-5 Bedrooms

$ 9200-12500

All inDoor to Door

Purchase Moving Boxes

How much will it cost to ship my car from NY to Toronto? 

Quick Answer: The average cost to ship a car from NY to Toronto is $1500 to $2000. Trucks and SUVs will be on the higher side of the price. You will also have the option of an open or enclosed trailer. 

Insurance is included when shipping a car from NY to Toronto. However, we recommend taking before and after photos for your records or in case of a claim. The driver will also take a full report of the vehicle. 

The standard transit time is about a week from the day of pickup. However, it would help if you confirm with the mover of your choice. The cost of moving from NY to Toronto will depend on the company you choose to go with. 

What’s the process with Canadian customs? 

Before you flock to Canada, you should create two inventory lists of the items you intend to ship to Canada. The list should include values, make, model, and serial numbers if you have them. Try dividing the list into two sections. The first will be the items you’re bringing with you; in the second list the goods you’re moving. Your household goods will qualify for duty and tax-free importation under your entitlement if they’re on the original lists. 

Unlike most international destinations, Canada will require the consignee to fill out paperwork before your household goods are released. In the time being, your household goods are stored at a nearby bonded warehouse facility. The good news is the process is easy. However, you should visit the CBSA website for more information. The cost of hiring movers from NY to Toronto will not affect the price of customs. 

The cost of hiring movers from NY to Toronto

International Van Lines

Items you can import duty- and tax-free.

You can include the following personal and household effects in your duty- and tax-free entitlement:

  • clothing and linen
  • furniture
  • furnishings
  • appliances
  • silverware
  • jewelry
  • antiques
  • family heirlooms
  • private collections of coins, stamps, and art
  • personal computers
  • books
  • musical instruments
  • hobby tools and other hobby items
  • personal vehicles
  • pleasure boats and the trailers to carry them (trailers are subject to Transport Canada requirements)
  • mobile trailers, no more than 2.6 meters (9 feet) wide, that the owner is capable of moving on their own
  • utility trailers
  • motor homes
  • private aircraft
  • tool sheds or garages that do not attach to or form part of a dwelling

How can I reduce my cost for moving from NY to Toronto?

Quick Answer: The best way to reduce your moving cost is to downsize or get rid of unwanted items. The weight or volume will be the most significant factor when moving from NY to Toronto, so the more you have, the higher the cost. 

In addition, there are other ways of saving money. Another great option is self-packing. It will reduce your moving cost by about 10-15%. However, the process can be labor-intensive, so you should always weigh the pros and cons of self-packing for a move

You can purchase packing kits online or at any local Home Depot or Uhaul. Also, you may consider putting out a Facebook post to see if any of your friends recently moved and have leftover boxes. 

Lastly, the right mover is more critical than most think. There are many scams in the moving industry. If the cost of moving from NY to Toronto seems too good to be true, it probably is. Do some research before calling around for estimates. 

How long will my move take?

The average time for a move from NY to Toronto is 10 to 14 days. However, that can change based on the mover, time of year, and how much stuff you have. 

In most cases, the larger the move, the quicker it will reach its destination. Smaller moves will require a consolidation which may take longer for the mover to fill. It’s always best to speak with the mover of your choice for more details. 

Lastly, the time of year can affect your transit times. The summertime is the peak season for moving. The demand is high, and so are the rates. Trucks are scurrying, and that can affect transit time. The cost of moving from NY to Toronto will be less expensive in the winter and easier to manage. 

How much advance notice should I give my mover? 

The more time you give your mover, the better. However, the rule of thumb is at least a month. Allowing yourself more time will help with stress and managing your move a lot better. 

Most quality movers will book up quickly. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you’re scrambling to find a mover. Remember that there are many scams in the moving industry, so you want time to research and plan accordingly. 

Last, if you plan on self-packing, you may want to consider starting three months in advance. Packing can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. 

What’s the payment process for an international move?

Most companies will accept credit cards for the full payment of your move. There’s usually a deposit upon making the reservation, and the final balance is due before shipping. 

It’s always best to find a mover that will accept credit cards for payment. In a case where there’s an issue, you will have the security from your credit card company. It also shows that a company is in good standing. 

The cost of moving from NY to Toronto should not increase due to the method of payment that you use. A mover should not charge a merchant fee. You will also have the option of wire or ACH payment if needed. 


The cost of moving from Ny to Toronto will highly be dependent on the size of your move and the mover you chose. It’s always best to compare three quotes from top-rated companies so you can gauge and make an educated decision. 

The process for moving from NY to Canada is straightforward, more accessible than most international destinations. Make sure you ask the right questions, and you will have a positive outcome. 

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