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Long Distance Moving

How to Get Trustworthy Long Distance Movers for Hire?

By September 27, 2022No Comments
7 Qualities for trustworthy Long Distance Mover

Long-distance moves can be quite stressful. One must go through various address changes, including the post office, bills, and other utilities. 

Along with everything else that is changing around you, you will also need to get ready to pack up your belongings and move them to your new residence. Hiring the right long-distance movers in the Bronx can make the procedure easy and stress-free.


But how will you choose the best moving company for your moving needs? The following guide lists several things to consider when choosing moving services. 


7 Qualities To Look For When Hiring Long Distance Movers

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The best long-distance moving firms will offer you flexibility. Moving is a challenging process. There are many variables to consider, and they can all change at any time.

This is why being flexible is crucial when choosing a moving company.

Are their services required to be scheduled months in advance? Can you easily get in touch with them to change your schedule?


Find a business that keeps you at the top of their list of priorities while allowing you to make changes as needed. They will work with you to meet your needs and significantly simplify your moving process.


Excellent Interaction

Every organization needs to have excellent communication. The need for this is even greater for moving companies. 


A professional moving company with superior communication skills can help you feel relaxed. With the right communication skills, your movers can arrange the correct move date and location to unpack at.


They will discuss any uncertainties with you to ensure everything is arranged properly.


Service Offerings

The type of services they provide is the next thing you should consider. Think about all the different assistance you might require during your move. Does the business, for instance, provide packing services, a driver, labour for moving, handyman services, and more?


The best company for you will provide various services to make your move as enjoyable as possible. You won’t have to worry about the most challenging aspects of moving if you get the right services. 


Professional movers can help you with your packing using specialized packing materials, load your belongings—including heavy ones like pianos and safes—into a moving truck, remove any junk you no longer need, store your items, and even transport all of your possessions to the new location.


Before selecting a company for the job, find out what different services they provide.



Additionally, a good moving company will document and insure everything. You may make mistakes during the move, which isn’t uncommon. How the moving company handles such mistakes is most important.


A company that documents the entire moving process will have a better chance of rectifying its mistakes. Your moving company may record the following items, among others:


  • Pick-up and drop-off times
  • Pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Number of moving boxes
  • Boxes that require special handling
  • Special instructions from the client


The number of mistakes made and the time required to fix them will be decreased by having all of this document.


Experience and Certification

Having experience is essential for a long-distance moving company. Companies with years of experience in long-distance moves are better at handling certain situations. This can reflect in their way of handling your items over long distances. It also ensures that your items don’t get damaged on the way.


There are also small details about the move that’ll need to be kept in line. Hiring an experienced mover can aid you with all the hard work. This can enable you to sit back, relax, and focus on other things while having peace of mind.


Customer Reviews And Recommendations


What is one of the first things you do before engaging in new services or making new purchases? Many people will read reviews before deciding on something. You can perform this step in addition to hiring a moving company.


See if there are any reviews left by previous customers on the business’s website and social media pages. You can also look for reviews on other third-party websites.

Asking friends and family members whom they have used in the past as movers is another option you have. They’ll be able to provide you with honest reviews and feedback.


Moving Rates

The moving rates are the final thing to think about. You don’t want to start eliminating potential movers from your list by comparing prices. Companies occasionally offer unbelievable prices, but it probably is if something sounds too good to be true.


Wait until you’ve used the abovementioned factors to narrow your search for the top 3 picks. You can then determine the best option for you by comparing moving prices.


Discover the Top Long Distance Movers Today

This guide can help you find the best long-distance movers in the Bronx in no time! 

International Van Lines takes care of all your moving requirements, including packing up your belongings, moving, and storing them. We can make your move stress-free because of our expertise, experience, and commitment to excellence in customer service.

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