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International Moving

5 Best International Moving Companies in Houston

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International moving companies in Houston

Moving from Houston abroad should be an exciting time. But let’s face it, moving overseas can be daunting, and finding the best international moving companies in Houston can be challenging. 

Getting a visa, getting acclimated to a new culture, and finding an international moving company in Houston are just a few things you must consider. 

In fact: 

Most people don’t even know where to begin. This article will provide you with the best international movers in Houston, the average cost of an overseas move, and tips on moving overseas on a budget.

With over 1 million international movers under our belt, we are experts in relocating people’s homes from the US abroad. 

Houston's best international movers

Who are the best international moving companies in Houston, and why? 

According to Forbes, US News, and Newsweek, International Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, and Atlas Van Lines are Houston’s best international moving companies in Houston. 

However, Schumacher Cargo Logistics and Suddath also top the list. 

Each company listed has an extensive track record, including credentials, awards, and online reviews. 

Some companies listed offer unique services customized to your specific needs. The bottom line is that they are all quality companies that maintain an excellent reputation, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

International Van Lines in Houston

International Van Lines (IVL)

5830 Waltrip St

Houston, TX 77087

In business since 2000, International Van Lines has become one of the most recognized names in international moving. Several third-party consumer groups rank IVL as the best international mover in the US. 

With offices in Houston, IVL is a local international moving company. We offer shipping services to over 140 countries. Additionally, from the pickup to the delivery, IVL will oversee the entire moving process. 

IVL is a licensed freight forwarder, meaning the consumer will benefit from competitive moving costs. You can get an international moving quote by filling out the online form or calling us. 


What international moving services does International Van Lines offer?

International Van Lines is a Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) which means we offer direct international shipping rates instead of outsourcing ocean freight. 

Whether you’re shipping a car, household goods, or commercial freight from Houston, TX, we can help. IVL services over 140 destinations worldwide and handles customs clearance and delivery to any location globally. 

International moving company

Allied Van Lines (Allied)

3021 Mangum Suite AV

Houston, TX 77092

Allied Van Lines offers international moving services, including packing and unpacking, custom crating for fragile or valuable items, air or ocean freight transportation, storage solutions, and customs clearance assistance. 

Their experienced international specialists can guide you through every step of the process to ensure a smooth relocation. Whether you’re moving just a few boxes or a whole household, they can customize a plan to fit your specific needs.

Allied Van Lines has been considered one of Houston’s best international moving companies for many years!

Movers in Houston

Atlas Van Lines (AVL)

5210 Tacoma Dr 

Houston, TX 77041

Atlas Van Lines is one of the US’s oldest and largest moving companies. They offer international moving services to over 120 countries and have a wide range of services. 

Additionally, AVL offers fully comprehensive insurance on all international moves. With an extensive network, AVL can customize overseas moving services specifically for your needs. 

They may conduct an on-site or visual survey to get an international moving quote. The process may take a couple of days, but they are worth looking into as an option. 

Schumacher Caro Logistics

2439 Albright Drive 

Houston, TX 77017

Schumacher Cargo Logistics offers various services, including air and ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution, project cargo management, and supply chain solutions. 

The company also has a specialized department for perishables shipping, ensuring that sensitive items such as food and flowers are transported under proper temperature control. 

Additionally, Schumacher offers door-to-door delivery for convenience and streamlined service. With locations across the globe and experienced professionals on staff, Schumacher Cargo Logistics is one of Houston’s best international moving companies. 


10415 Papalote St STE 100

Houston, TX 77041

In addition to international household moving services, Suddath offers corporate relocation services and logistics solutions for businesses. These services include international office moves, global supply chain management, and freight forwarding. 

Their team of experts works closely with each client to customize a plan that meets their unique needs and ensures a smooth relocation process. Furthermore, they are dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of our services and are constantly seeking ways to enhance sustainability.

How much is international moving companies in Houston?

The average cost of an international move is $3500 to $12,000. The cost gap depends on the size of your move, the destination, and the services you require. You can use the below chart for moving cost averages: 


1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom

3 Bedroom

4 Bedroom





















North America





South America





Other factors can affect an international relocation, such as the time of year and the mover you chose. 

Houston’s best international moving companies won’t broker your move to a third party. They will oversee all aspects of your move, from packing, loading, customs, and ocean freight services. 

The good news is there are ways to reduce the cost of your move, which we will dive into. 


How do I reduce the cost of my international move? 

Hiring an international mover can be costly. Here are five ways to reduce the cost of your international move. 

  1. Start the moving process early: The sooner you start, the better. It will allow you to research and find Houston’s most affordable international moving companies. 
  2. Find a quality mover: Searching for the cheapest international moving companies in Houston is a different route. Instead, look for the best global moving companies with knowledge and experience. 
  3. Consider self-packing: Packing can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but if you’re up for the challenge, you can save yourself about 10% off moving costs. 
  4. Ask about cheaper services: The most expensive shipping option is a door-to-door service. Consider a port-to-port or door-to-port service to reduce the cost of your move.
  5. Compare quotes: Gather three moving estimates from international moving companies in Houston and compare all services and costs. 

Follow these steps, and you will be on your way to saving money on your international relocation. 


How do I find a reputable international mover in Houston? 

You can use the below tips to find the best international moving companies in Houston. 

  1. Online reviews help: You should always do a quick Google search of international moving companies you are considering. Although reviews don’t tell the entire story, they will help give you some insight. 
  2. Check their license: An international mover must maintain an active license with the Federal Maritime Commission. You can check their license on the FMC website.
  3. Knowledge and experience: If you’re moving from Houston to London, you will want to ensure the international mover of your choice has the experience and knowledge of that destination. 
  4. Don’t price shop: Searching for the least expensive international relocation can cost you more in the long run. Make sure you research properly and go with the best movers that offer international shipping. 

When looking for international movers in Houston, you will want to go with your gut instantly. Make sure you feel comfortable with whoever it is you’re working with. 

International moving insurance

Do I need international moving insurance? 

International moving insurance is not mandatory but recommended. Houston’s best international moving companies will offer you insurance through a third-party insurance company. Below are your insurance options: 

Packed by owner: If you’re self-packing, you are entitled to total loss insurance, which covers the complete loss of your shipment. 

Professional pack: If you have an overseas moving company pack your household goods, you can get all-risk insurance which covers the good’s declared value. 

If you opt-out of insurance, you will have limited liability coverage, which is 60 cents per lb per article. Speaking with your overseas moving company regarding their insurance options is always best. 


International moving FAQ


What will my international moving coordinator do? 

An international moving coordinator will oversee the entire process of your international move. They will start with a visual or virtual tour, an international moving quote, and coordinate the shipment to your destination. 

What is the best international moving service to Europe? 

The best international moving service to Europe is International Van Lines. They offer weekly consolidation from Houston to any destination throughout Europe. Additionally, they offer container shipping and international auto transport. 

Do international moving companies in Houston offer air freight? 

Yes, most international moving companies offer air freight, a quicker, more expensive international shipping option. 

Does Allied Van Lines ship to South Africa? 

Yes, Allied Van Lines is one of Houston’s most prominent and best international moving companies. They offer moving services from Houston to South Africa. Whether you’re shipping boxes or an entire household, they can help with your move. 

Is international removal the same as international moving? 

Yes, removal is another term for “moving,” so an international removal company offers a similar service to a global moving company. 

What’s the best way to find international moving companies near me? 

You can use the international to find international moving companies near me. However, all companies here offer international moving services throughout the country. 

What international moving companies in Houston go to Canada? 

International Van Lines and Atlas Van lines offer international moving services from Houston to Canada. 

Which international movers get the best reviews? 

International Van Lines is rated the country’s number one international moving company. However, Atlas Van Lines and Allied Van Lines maintain excellent reviews. 

Do international movers service Australia? 

Yes, the best international moving companies in Houston offer services to Australia. 

What are items that international movers won’t’ ship? 




Batteris with Acid


John Doe

Chemicals (Cleaning supplies)


Guns & Ammunition


Fire Extinguisher


Propane Tanks

Car batteries



If you’re moving abroad, you can feel confident that any overseas moving companies listed here can help. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best international moving companies to help make the process easier for you. 

Moving to a new country can be stressful, and finding the right company can help relieve some of the stress of moving overseas. 

If you want a free international moving quote, you can fill out an online form or call us. We will have an international moving coordinator walk you through the process. 


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