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International Moving Services that Companies offer: Moving Guide

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International moving companies near me
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International moving companies vary in size, service, price, and reach. Although moving overseas is daunting, finding the right global moving services can differentiate between a positive outcome and a stressful situation. 

This article will provide detailed information on the best international movers for a specific destination. Additionally, you will find out the average cost of international relocation and money-saving tips. 

We always recommend researching companies and getting pricing directly with the international mover of your choice. 

Let’s dive right in:

Who are the most reputable international moving companies?

International Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, Atlas Van Lines, North American Van Lines, and United Van Lines are the oldest and most prominent international moving companies in the United States. 

Each company listed offers something unique. For example, International Van Lines is a direct source for shipping rates, which means you will get competitive pricing. However, Allied Van Lines and Atlas Van Lines have locations globally. 

We recommend getting up to three international moving estimates for comparison before making your decision. 


International moving companies in the US

How to find the best international moving companies near me? 

The international moving companies listed have nationwide locations and can provide services to and from almost any location worldwide. However, if you’re looking for international moving companies near me, you can use Google and different local customer review website to scout movers. 

You must ask the right questions and ensure that the company you’re speaking with knows your destination and experience in international relocations. 


What is the cost of hiring an international moving company?

The average cost of hiring an international mover is $3500 to $12,000. The most significant cost factors are the destination, moving service, and size of your move. 













South America












Australia/New Zealand




Additionally, the company you choose can affect your overseas move cost. Specific international moving companies have a more substantial presence in certain destinations, so international shipping costs can be less expensive. 

It’s always best to speak with an international moving company regarding their international moving costs. 

It’s best to find the right company that fits your specific needs. 

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How to determine which international mover is best for you

International moving companies vary in service and experience. It’s essential that you feel confident in the mover you choose. 


Ask for their license information

International moving companies must maintain a valid lisenced with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). Start by checking the FMC website for license information. 

Relay your message clearly

Before calling around for international moving quotes, you must be clear about your expectations. Create a list of what you’re moving along with moving dates and the required service. 

When speaking with movers, request a virtual or on-site survey to ensure they accurately describe what you’re moving. They will also be able to determine what type of packing supplies you will require. 

Lastly, try and come up with a value for your move and ask about international moving insurance and what it includes. 

Look into the reputation and online reviews

International moving is a niche market that requires knowledge of processes and destinations. Go online and take a look at reviews. You can check the Better Business Bureau website and Google. 

Online reviews may not tell the whole story, but they can give insight into a company and how it reacts to problems. 

Go with your instinct

There’s a lot to think about when moving to a new country, and finding the right mover can make a difference. It would be best if you felt comfortable with the international moving company you choose. 

Ensure that all your questions are answered and that you feel in good hands. 

International Moving Cost Estimator

How does an international move work? 

An international move is done using ocean transportation. A global moving company will pick up your household goods, load a container, and ship them to your destination country. Most international moving companies also include customs clearance and port-related charges. 

You will also have the option of airfreight shipping, a quicker mode of transportation but a lot more expensive. It’s best to speak with a company regarding your international move. 


How does international container shipping work? 

First, choose a 20′, 40′, or 40′ high cube container. International moving companies can help you with the container size you require. The size of your move will determine the container you need for your overseas move. 

If you’re having a mover pack your household goods, they will most likely pack, load, and bring them back to their warehouse, where they will load the container. 

If you’re self-packing the container, you can have a live load or drop & pick. A live load means a driver will bring the container to your door, and you will have a certain amount of time to pack & load. 

A drop & pick is when a driver drops the container at your residence and picks it up after you’re done loading. Most international relocation companies offer all international container shipping options.


What are all of the international moving services offered? 

There are many international moving services to choose from. Below is a list of the most common services you can use to relocate your household goods overseas. It’s always best to speak with the international moving company regarding their services: 

Ocean shipping services

Ocean freight shipping is the most common way to transport household goods overseas. Most overseas relocation companies offer a variety of ocean freight services. Here is a list of your shipping options: 

Door-to-Door: A door-to-door move is precisely as it sounds. A global moving company will pick up from your home and delivery your household goods directly to your destination residence. It will also include customs clearance and any port-related charges. 

Port-to-door: If you reside by a US port, you can drop your household goods at a container freight station. Most international moving companies offer port-to-door service. 

Door-to-port: If you’re looking to save money on your overseas relocation, you can consider a door-to-port service. However, you will be responsible for customs clearance and arranging transportation from the port of entry. 

Port-to-port: If you’re moving overseas on a budget, you can consider a port-to-port service. You will be responsible for dropping off and picking up your household goods from both locations. 

The best international moving company will offer you services based on your budget and what they feel is the best transportation method for you. 

Do international moving companies offer air freight services? 

Yes, most international moving companies offer air freight services. However, air transportation is a lot more expensive than the ocean freight. The cost can be up to three times the cost of ocean freight, but your household goods will get there a lot quicker. 


International car, boat, and motorcycle shipping

Most international movers in the US offer vehicle transport. You can ship your car as a stand-alone moving service or consolidate it with household goods. 

Some destinations, such as Brazil and South Africa, have more stringent policies regarding the importation of vehicles and may charge a heft tax. It’s always best to speak with a mover regarding their relocation services. 


What storage services do international movers offer? 

Most international movers offer storage services. You will have the option to store your household goods at the point of origin or destination. If you choose to store your household goods at the destination, the international moving company will deliver your items when ready. 

It’s always best to speak with the company of your choice about their international moving services and storage options. 

moving boxes with an international moving company

What if I only want to ship boxes overseas? 

Some international moving companies offer parcel service or baggage service. It’s typically done through a third party like FedEx or DHL. However, you may secure a significant discount using an international moving company. 


Will customs clearance be included in my cost? 

Most international movers offer customs clearance. However, if you’re shipping your household goods port-to-port, you may be responsible for handling customs clearance. Customs clearance will involve documentation that your international relocation company can help you with. Additionally, there may be a customs clearance charge. 


Do international moving companies offer packing services? 

Packing services are a standard service that moving companies offer. However,r you will have the option to self-pack your household goods. If you choose to self-pack, your insurance options may be limited. Speaking with different international moving companies can help you make a good decision. 


What is international moving insurance? 

If you’re moving to a new country and shipping household goods, you should consider comprehensive insurance. Most international movers offer insurance through a third party. Below are your insurance options explained. 

Packed by Owner (PBO): If you’re self-packing, your insurance options may be limited to total loss coverage. It covers the complete loss of your shipment for the value you claim. 

Professional Pack: If you’re hiring international movers to pack your household goods professionally, you can get all-risk insurance with the best coverage. Insurance will cover individual items based on the declared value. 

Insurance may differ from company to company, so it’s best to speak with an international moving company regarding their insurance service. 


International moving FAQ


What types of payment do international moving companies take?

The best international moving companies will take all forms of payment, including credit cards, wire, or ACH. Other international movers may accept Zelle and Paypal as well. 

Where can I find information about my destination country? 

You can use a country guide that was created by FIDI global alliance. It will give you insight into the process and what forms you need. 

What forms do international movers need from me? 

An international moving company will require shipping information, inventory list, values, copy of passport, and insurance forms. Your moving company will provide you with the documents via email. 

How long does an international relocation take? 

Transit times for an international relocation average 4 to 8 weeks. The destination country and service will determine the shipping times framed.

What happens if my stuff gets damaged? 

If your household goods get damaged during an international move, you must file a claim with your international relocation company. The process can take up to a month, and they may request pictures of the damage. 

What are the best international moving services for small moves? 

The best international moving services for small moves are ocean freight consolidation services. Your household goods will be in a shared container with others moving to the same or surrounding destination.

Should I get a visual or virtual survey? 

Yes, you should get a visual or virtual survey, especially if you’re moving into a large home. It will help with accuracy.  

People also ask: 


Who are the best international movers in Los Angeles? 

Based on customer reviews and several third-party consumer groups, the best international movers in Los Angeles are as follows: 

Each company listed is licensed with the Federal Maritime Commission and maintains excellent customer reviews. 

You can rest assured that you will have a successful international relocation with any of the mentioned international moving companies in this article. 

Who are reputable international moving companies in New York?

If you’re searching for international moving companies near me in New York, you will find the most reputable international moving companies by using the internet, referrals, and looking up credentials. Below is a list of the best international movers in New York

Each company listed maintains excellent customer reviews and A ratings with the Better Business Bureau. 

Do international moving companies service Canada? 

Some international moving companies service Canada. International Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, and Atlas Van Lines offer direct service from any US location to Canada. The moving process is different than an overseas move. It’s easier to manage. 

What is an international move? 

An international move is when someone moves from one country to another. Canada and Mexico would be considered an international move even though they are landlocked with the US. Removal companies offer different international moving services, so it’s best to speak with a mover directly about what they offer. 

Who are the best international moving companies to Europe? 

International Van Lines offers a weekly consolidation and full container load service from the US to Europe. However, United Van Lines and Allied Van Lines also offer excellent international moving services to Europe from the US. 

Can I ship household goods to the Middle East? 

Yes, most international movers offer shipping options to the middle east. The process would be the same as if you were moving to Europe. International Van Lines and Allied Van Lines service the Middle East weekly. 

Do most full-service moving companies in the US offer international shipping? 

No, international moving is a niche industry, and a small percentage of US-based moving companies maintain the proper license and have knowledge of international relocation services. 

Who are the best international movers in Houston? 

International Van Lines, JK Moving Services, Allied International, and North American Van Lines are the best companies in Houston for overseas moves. 

What is an international moving consultation? 

An international moving consultant will work with you directly on your overseas move. They will be responsible for your international moving quote and arranging the transport of your household goods. 

What is the best time of year for an international move? 

The best time of year for an international move is winter. It’s the slow season for international moving companies, so you will get better rated and a better chance of finding the best international moving companies. 

What are the best international moving services from Chicago?

According to customer reviews and third-party consumer groups, International Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, United Van Lines, and North American Van Lines are the best international moving companies in Chicago. 

What do international moves include? 

International moves include pickup, packing, loading, shipping, and delivery. However, you can customize shipping services based on your budget and requirements. 


With research and knowledge, you should be fine finding the right international mover. The best international moving companies will spend time and work with you to find the best shipping method and most economical route. 

You can use this article as a resource to help you find the right international mover. Suppose you have questions about moving overseas or want a free quote from International Van Lines. In that case, you can fill out an online form or call one of our international relocation coordinators. We pride ourselves on quality customer service. 



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