Moving Companies in Marina del Ray

Marina del Ray is a great place to live—but now you find yourself faced with a long-distance move. Perhaps you’re going to another state, maybe cross country, maybe just to the other side of California. Wherever you move, we want to help make it easier on you as we know you’ve got enough on your plate already.  We are California-based movers with plenty of experience dealing with Marina del Ray clients. In fact, they keep coming back to us because we are so trusted in the region.

What sets us apart…How about the fact that we treat your stuff as we would our own? We know how important your possessions are to you, and we certainly wouldn’t want someone just haphazardly handling our things. You can count on us to use the utmost caution and safety. Speaking of safety, all of our movers and drivers are thoroughly vetted. We leave nothing up to chance. To that end, we are also fully insured and licensed—as we said, we’ve done this for quite a few years and we understand exactly how the process works.

Moving companies in Marina Del RayWhat Can You Do To Help Prepare For Your Marina del Ray Long Distance Move?

This is a question we get quite often. People want to know what they need to and should be doing ahead of time to help facilitate the long-distance moving process. A few things you should keep in mind as your big move approaches…

  • Have you changed your address with the post office—you want to be assured of continued mail service after all.
  • Have you notified all of the relevant utility carriers?
  • Is everything going to be ready once you get to your new home or office space? There’s nothing worse than having to scramble around just to be able to move in.
  • Have you organized your possessions according to the room—makes it much easier when it comes to unpacking.

These are just a few suggestions. Our staff would be happy to offer you guidance in response to your specific California long-distance move.


A Marina del Ray Moving Company That Listens

Not only that—we actually care! Our reputation is built on client satisfaction, referrals, and of course word of mouth. A disastrous long-distance move just isn’t us. In fact, we make it a point to keep in constant contact, this way you always know what is going on with your Marina del Ray, CA move.

Our process makes it easy. A dedicated advisor will be with you, answering your questions, and letting you know exactly what we need in terms of travel details and the list of your belongings—to including specialty items that might be involved. We’ve always got you covered.

If You’re Ready to Move, Then We’re Ready to Roll

We are standing by ready to help! Just give us a call, have the details of your cross-country or interstate move on hand and we will get moving to generate a comprehensive quote for your Marina del Ray move. Check us out on