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Transporting Guns with a Mover

By January 31, 2022March 11th, 2024No Comments
Transporting Guns with a Mover

As a mover, one of the many questions we get is, can movers transport guns? 

According to the ATF, transporting guns with a mover is legal, but you should always check your mover’s specific rules and regulations.  

It’s always best that you learn about state and local laws where you’re moving before pulling the trigger – no pun intended. 

This article will provide the run down and tips on safely packing your guns for a move. 

State and local laws on firearms

Before starting your journey, you must confirm gun laws in the US by state. Over forty states have a provision in their state constitution that protects the right to keep and bear arms. States such as California, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York are not on that list. 

It’s always best to look into the legalities of transporting guns with a mover. Keep in mind it’s also illegal for a mover to cross into those states with firearms in the truck where it’s not allowed. 

It’s always best to have this conversation with the mover of your choice.

Can you ship ammunition with a moving company?

Quick answer: No, you can’t ship ammunition with a moving company. However, shipping guns is legal and quite common. Ammunition is susceptible to high temperatures, which can cause a fire and or other issues during a move. 

If you’re planning on driving to your new home, you should take the ammo in the car with you. Another option is to ship your ammo separately via UPS. Lastly, you can give it away or drop it off at your nearest hazardous waste drop-off location. However, it’s always best to check ahead of time. 

Transporting Guns with a MoverHow should I pack my firearms for a move?

Quick Answer: Although not mandatory, the best way to pack your firearms for a move is in a safe. If you don’t have a safe, you should consider buying one. You can purchase a safe or a gun box online, which is relatively inexpensive. 

You should never leave it up to the movers to pack your firearms. Having a gun is a responsibility, and it’s your responsibility to ensure its safety. A gun box works fine, and you can place that in a regular box if need be. 

Before packing your guns, make sure you cock the pistol to avoid ammo. Under no circumstances can ammo aboard the truck. If you have any questions about transporting guns with a mover, you can always call a national moving company about their rules. 

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Can a moving company store my guns? 

Quick Answer: Yes, a moving company can store guns. However, it’s always best to request a temperature-controlled unit. Before the mover stores your firearms, you must ensure no ammo in the chamber. It’s always best to store your guns in a safe if possible. 

Transporting guns with a mover is not difficult as long as you’re in compliance and follow some basic rules. Whether you need long or short-term storage, most long-distance moving companies can help. However, it’s always best to speak with the mover of your choice ahead of time. 

Do movers offer insurance on guns?

There are several options when it comes to moving insurance. You’re limited to total loss or limited coverage if you choose to self-pack. Whereas if you have movers professional pack, you can obtain premium coverage based on the good declared value. 

Transporting guns with a mover may vary from company to company, so it’s always best to check. Most moving companies may not transport firearms, let alone offer insurance. 

Transporting a gun with a mover should be the first conversation you have, even before speaking about long-distance moving costs


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Do movers charge additionally to transport guns?

Quick answer: No, movers do not charge special handling fees or additional charges to transport guns. However, additional charges may apply if you need a custom crate or any customer packing. It’s always best to speak with the mover of your choice. 

Getting a gun safe or gun box is the most logical and safest way to transport guns with a mover. 

Can you transport guns overseas?

Quick answer: Prior authorization is required with foreign officials before attempting to transport guns in a container. A lisenced international mover cannot be held liable if you illegally transport firearms into your destination country. There have been many cases of people going to jail, so do your research and get authorization.

If you’re moving overseas, you must let your international moving company know about any potential guns or ammo. If you illegally transport your weapons in a container, you can face criminal charges. 

A freight forwarder assumes zero responsibility for any illegal weapons loaded on a container without their knowledge. If you’re considering bringing your firearms overseas, make sure you do your research and get the authorization that you need. 

How to get a moving quote if you’re moving guns?

Getting a moving quote is simple. However, some basic rules should be followed to avoid falling into a trap. We suggest that you request a virtual or on-site survey. 

Although phone surveys can be effective, it leaves room open for mistakes. During the process, you must discuss shipping your firearms. At that point, the mover will assist you and provide direction. 

A great tip is to create an inventory list ahead of time, so you and the mover are on the same page. You would need to provide the origin, destination, and moving details. It’s always best to be as detailed as you can. 

Transporting guns with a mover – Conclusion 

You can transport guns with a mover as long as you’re within your legal right. Certain states will not allow it, so it’s always best to check state and local laws before you proceed. 

Packing is important. Transporting guns with a mover will require attention to the way your firearms are packed. You can use a gun safe or box. 

Lastly, speak with the mover of your choice about their rules and regulations. It’s always best to familiarize yourself with the process and laws. We wish you the best of luck on your new journey. 



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